These days, we talk much more about anal sex with a partner, so much so that it’s becoming much less of a taboo subject (and quite rightly!). But what about anal masturbation? Our anal sex guides will always tell you that anal masturbation is the perfect way to explore your own body and find out what you like and your own limits, but it can be hard to know where to start as a solo anal beginner.

Don’t worry though, we’ve got plenty of tips and advice to help you treat yourself to some anal exploration with a lot of fun and pleasure at the end of it.

Anal Masturbation for Beginners

Trying anal masturbation for the first time can feel like a tricky task, especially considering you can’t exactly see what you’re doing down there! The first thing to remember is that anal masturbation isn’t all about quickly finding five minutes and bringing yourself to orgasm – anal play is all about exploring another erogenous zone that can heighten the pleasure of your orgasms.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll want to make sure you’re in the mood before getting started. Try a little clitoral play to get yourself going and help to relax you. There’s nothing wrong with reaching orgasm before starting anal play either – anal is all about getting yourself to the point of full relaxation, and any tension will make it difficult and painful.

How to Prepare for Anal Masturbation

Preparing for anal masturbation is the most important part, and it’s very much the same as preparing for anal sex. If you’re not fully prepared, you’re not going to have a great time.

Get comfortable

As we all know, it’s important to get in the mood for any type of sex.

An anal douche is a good way to feel more hygienic prior to anal masturbation. Some people also find this sexually arousing so can be a good way to start your masturbation session.

lube. Without lube, the whole experience can be painful and has the potential to cause you injury, so make sure you’re using plenty. 


Make sure you’ve got plenty of space and you’re comfortable. Many people find that having a bath is both cleansing and relaxing, so this can be the ideal place to try anal masturbation. Get any lube and anal toys close by so you’re ready to go.

Lube Up

The key for great anal, whether it’s masturbation or sex, is plenty of lube. Without lube, the whole experience can be uncomfortable and has the potential to cause you injury, so make sure you’re using plenty. Our guide on how to use lube should help if you need more guidance.

Once you’re fully relaxed and have your lube and toys ready, you’re set to try anal masturbation.

How to Anally Masturbate

There’s more to anal masturbation than just picking a butt plug or penetrating with an anal dildo – much more. Taking anal masturbation step-by-step will make the whole process more pleasant, so just think about it as an exploration of somewhere new. Go slowly and try new things as you go along.


Start by making sure one of your fingers is well lubed. Use that finger to gently apply lube around the opening of your anus, making sure it’s liberally applied. This will help ensure penetration is as comfortable as possible.


There are thousands of nerve endings around the anus, so rubbing around this area will begin to stimulate those and should feel good. 


Once you’re ready, you can slip a finger inside. Start with just one finger and very gently explore the area inside.


As you begin to relax, you can insert more fingers and increase the speed or angle of penetration.


If you do have any anal toys, now would be a good time to insert a well lubricated butt plug, anal beads, dildo or a vibrating anal dildo.

Objects for Anal Masturbation

Once you get into anal masturbation, you may get carried away and want to insert something a little bigger, however you need to be careful. We can’t stress this enough – only insert specially made anal sex toys!

Nobody wants an impromptu trip to A&E with a household item stuck up there. Anal toys are made specifically to be inserted into the anus and are safe to use, plus they’re designed so you can’t get them lost. If you’re unsure of how to use a butt plug, or any other toys, just take your time.

Anal Masturbation Positions

We keep saying it, but anal masturbation and sex is all about comfort. If you’re not in a comfortable position, your body will naturally become much more tense, and penetration will be uncomfortable or even painful. There are some positions that can make anal masturbation much easier and more comfortable.

The One Person Threeway

This masturbation position is designed for all-over stimulation and comfort. Just lie on your back and lift your legs in the air – you can rest them on the arm of a sofa or the headboard of your bed for a more relaxed position. From here you’ll have one hand free to play clitorally or with your nipples, and with your legs in the air you can easily and comfortably reach down for anal play.

The Long Way Round

Switching it up for a position laid on your front means your legs will be a little more relaxed and, as we know, relaxation is important. Lay on your front on a comfortable surface and reach around the back for anal access.

The Sleep Away Camp

Find a comfortable place to sit with your back supported – this could be on your bed or on the floor. Spread your legs wide and you should find that the upright sitting position gives you the perfect angle for anal exploration. You can also play with your nipples or clitoris here for extra stimulation.

Anal masturbation is the perfect way to discover more about your body, finding out what you do and don’t like, and helping you guide your partners when it comes so anal sex. For women, anal play can be a great addition to sex or masturbation, but it relies on taking time and not doing too much too soon. It can also be a fantastic way for men to explore P-spot stimulation and make those solo orgasms much more intense.

Just remember, take your time, lube up and make sure you only use specially designed anal toys.