If you’re a fan of the TV show Friends, you’ll no doubt have seen the classic episode where Monica hands out sex advice to Chandler, enthusiastically declaring the are seven erogenous zones that are guaranteed to drive his lady wild.

Seven sound like a lot? Prepare to be mind-blown – there are, in fact, way more than seven of these delightful pleasure points all over the body! Each one will whip you both up into a frenzy and result in a mind-blowing and intimate night between the sheets.

So, it’s time to get up close and personal and start exploring…

What are Erogenous Zones?

You may be wondering, what ‘does erogenous actually mean’? Well, we all have those ‘sweet spots’, right? The parts which, when touched, simply drive us wild, an erogenous zone is an area of the skin with heightened sensitivity which does just that. When this area is touched or stimulated, it can create feelings of both relaxation and arousal, ultimately leading towards a sensual and mind-blowing orgasm.

There are a number of these sensitive areas to explore. When it comes to finding your erogenous zones, it’s all about experimenting. Different people like different things, and have different levels of sensitivity, so what feels fantastic for you may not for your partner. The key to finding those areas that drive you mad is gentle touching, stroking, and a whole load of honest communication.

Taking the time to really explore each other’s bodies before sex is a great way to set the mood and is extremely intimate, helping you elevate sex to another level before you’ve even really got going.

The Seven Erogenous Zones of a Female

There are seven female erogenous zones that are largely accepted (with a big thanks to that one Friends episode!) and each of these can make sparks fly if treated correctly. Encourage your partner to try stimulating these with their fingers, mouth, or take things up a tantalising notch by introducing a vibrator into your explorations.


Ears are extremely sensitive to the touch – small kisses and nibbles to the lobes are a great way to kick off your foreplay.


The lips and tongue are both highly sensitive erogenous zones. Your partner should begin with light kisses on and around the lips and work their way up to gentle nibbles, taking it slow and teasing before moving in for a full kiss. The tongue is buzzing with nerve endings that can sometimes make kissing feel more intimate than making love.


Gentle stroking up the neck and around the collarbone can truly send a tingle down your spine, while feather-light kisses will have you instantly wanting to take things to the next level.


From the neck, your partner can work their way to your breasts. As we already know, the areola and nipple are seriously sensitive, so taking it slowly and communicating with your partner about what you like is key. What feels amazing for one woman may be too much for another, so explore together until you find exactly what drives you wild. Stroking, licking, sucking and some nibbling can be hot, but the degree to which you use these will very much depend on the recipient!


The bottom may not necessarily be a hot spot for everyone – again, communication is key. You may be into light stroking or caressing of the cheeks, or perhaps licking or nibbling. Discuss your preferences beforehand then experiment together until you find the sweet spot.

Inner Thighs

The skin on the inner thighs is extremely delicate, so even the lightest of touches can blow your mind. Get your partner to introduce a little stimulation to this area with strokes or delicate kisses – it’ll never fail!


It should come as no surprise that one of the main erogenous zones for us ladies is the vulva, including the clitoris and vagina. However, the whole point of stimulating erogenous zones is teasing and building anticipation. This means making sure your partner takes their time when they get to the vulva, clitoris and vagina – they should be gentle, teasing with light touches, kisses or even lightly blowing around the area, and you’ll be putty in their hands!

Once you’re both ready to take things up a notch, they can use their mouth or fingers (or both) to stimulate your labia, clitoris and/or the G-spot. Encourage them to take a look at our ‘How to Go Down on a Woman’ guide for some expert advice.

Erogenous Zones for Men

Of course, erogenous zones aren’t just for us ladies! Universal areas such as the ears, lips, neck and nipples can feel equally great for men too and give you the control to drive them wild. There are also several additional male erogenous zones you can experiment with, guaranteed heighten sensitivity and have him begging for more.


The scrotum is extremely sensitive so go easy – make sure not to bite or grab. Instead, use gentle sucking or stroking to take him to new heights.


A second sensitive spot for your guy is the perineum – a sensitive patch of skin beneath his balls. Gently stroke or massage this area while you play with his shaft – it will lead to an unforgettable orgasm!


This is one for when you’ve really got going, and definitely one to discuss together before you play. Located just inside his bum, the prostate is also referred to as the P-spot. The reason? Stimulation to this area can do for him exactly what the G-spot does for ladies, resulting in a much more intense sexual experience. The prostate can be massaged using a finger or a prostate massager – just make sure you use a lot of lube and communicate on what feels good.

The Secret Erogenous Zones You’re Missing Out On

While the seven erogenous zones are practically gospel at this point, they’re by no means all-encompassing. There’s a whole world of pleasure awaiting in the following lesser-known erogenous zones you may have never even considered.

Behind the knee

An often-ignored area, the skin behind your knee is very sensitive meaning gentle touching can send a shiver down your spine. Encouraging your partner to lightly stroke behind your knee as they make their way up to your thighs can bring a whole new element of arousal.

The inner wrist

Like the inner thigh, the skin on your inner wrist is incredibly delicate. A lot of tingling nerve endings plus the fact it’s not often touched means a simple stroke of the wrist can spark a whole load of sensations. This is a good one to try on your way home: when holding hands, your partner can lightly brush your inner wrist with their thumb. Trust us, you’ll be racing to the bedroom!

Hair and scalp

There’s a reason so many of us enjoy our hair being played with – the hair and scalp are both common erogenous zones. Your partner can lightly massage your scalp and hair to get you in the mood, introducing gentle hair pulling once things have amped up.

Arm pits

We all know that arm pits can be extremely ticklish, which could actually be a good thing when it comes to erogenous zones and foreplay! The sensation of being tickled teeters on the brink of sexual arousal, says relationship expert Cory Beth Honickman, so she suggests moving lightly up and down the arm pit with your fingertips before moving to circular motions – just make sure your partner is paying close attention to how you’re responding. Too much, and they can ruin the moment!

Navel, stomach and ‘pubic mound’

These areas are all so sensitive that the right level of kissing and caressing will leave you weak at the knees. You’ll be begging for more and neither of you will be able to resist taking it further!

Honickman also says that stroking the stomach promotes so much blood flow to this erogenous zone that you can actually stimulate a woman’s G-spot from this area. And, while the pubic mound may not sound like the sexiest of destinations, it’s actually a super hot area that’ll send electrifying sensations shooting through your body when stimulated.

Bottom of your feet

OK, so this might be another place that fills you with dread at the thought of tickling! The bottoms of your feet are packed full of nerve endings but, as we already know, this can be a great thing when it comes to sexual arousal.

Kissing and even gentle sucking of the feet and toes can be a huge turn on for many. If you’re too ticklish, or this just simply isn’t for you, there are also a number of pressure points on the foot that can trigger arousal. A firm but sensual foot massage can be an instant turn on!

Of course, as with any kind of sexual activity, the most important part of discovering which erogenous zones turn you on is honest communication, having fun with your partner, and experiencing new sensations.