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How to Have a Nipple Orgasm

  Orgasms are often elusive but for a long time we’ve been looking for them in the same places. For example, did you know there are actually eight different types of orgasm? More unconventional erogenous zones may be the key to unlocking mind-blowing orgasms. Nipple play is a great way to build up to, and even achieve, climax. Embrace the nip – this is your guide to getting off. Can You Orgasm From Nipple Stimulation? Nipples are a powerful erogenous zone – playing with the nipples stimulates the same part of the brain that is aroused by clitoral play. Your nipples offer a hotbed of nerve endings which can fire sensations throughout your entire body and, yes, even take you to orgasm! Nipple orgasms are possible, but it all comes down to finding what works for you. Some women may be more stimulated by nipple play than others; you may prefer gentle stroking, or you may find pinching and tweaking will help get you off. The only way to see what works for you is to try – there’s nothing to lose, as even if nipple play doesn’t lead directly to the big O, it can bring about some amazing sensations that will take your time in the bedroom to new and exciting heights. What Does An Orgasm With Nipple Play Feel Like? Nipples orgasms can feel different for different people, but are generally described as similar waves of pleasure to a vaginal or clitoral orgasm. Many people say they find nipple orgasms slightly less intense, but that they provide a more satisfying kind of pleasure that is felt throughout the entire body. How To Orgasm Through Nipple Stimulation Nipple play orgasms can be achieved through a range of different techniques – it all depends on your preferences. Here are a few tips to get you started… Get in the mood. Like with any kind of experimenting, you have to be in the right mood. Pick a time when you aren’t likely to be disturbed, then relax and turn up the heat. Start slowly and tease. Take it slowly and begin by teasing the area around your breasts. You can start around your torso, slowly stroking up your ribcage before lightly circling your breasts. Massage and gently squeeze. Once things begin hotting up, you can massage and gently squeeze your breasts. Rub and pinch your nipples. At this point, you should be feeling pretty turned on already. Now is when you can start stimulating your nipples. Gently move your fingers over them, before amping it up with rubbing or pinching motions. Once you feel yourself coming to the edge, you can pull back, slow down and repeat this technique. Trust us – when you finally orgasm, it’ll be well worth the wait! How to Introduce Nipple Play With a Partner While the tips mentioned so far can all be enjoyed solo, bringing some nipple play between the sheets with your partner can instantly take things to the next level. Whether during foreplay or intercourse, nipple play can make your orgasms even more intense. To amp up the heat in the bedroom, try these top nipple orgasm techniques. Nipple Sucking to Orgasm For many women, nipple sucking is a huge turn on and can lead to incredible orgasms. Have your partner lick, suck, and even gently nibble you to an earth-shattering climax. Pinching Nipples to Orgasm If you’re ready for more, have your partner tweak or pinch your nipples. You may find light pinching works for you, or you may prefer a more intense sensation – communication with your partner is key here to find that perfect middle ground. Nipple Temperature Play Temperature play is an incredible way to stimulate nipples. Keep things cool to really turn up the heat. By putting lube in an ice cube tray and freezing overnight you’re able to chill out and lube up – it’s a win-win. Get your partner to gently blow on your cool nipples then tease with a light lick or suck bringing them back up to temperature before cooling off again. Stimulating the nerve endings and drawing blood to the surface builds excitement and brings you closer to the all-important nipple orgasm. Sensation gels and tingling lubes are another great way to get your nipples in the game – just add a pea-sized amount to your nipples to heighten every sensation. The Best Toys For Nipple Orgasms Much like your clitoris, your nipples are a hotbed of nerve endings which respond incredibly to stimulation from sex toys. From vibrators to nipple clamps, here are some of our top sex toys for nipple orgasms. Bullet Vibrators They may be little, but they certainly pack a punch! We all know bullet vibrators are perfect for targeted clitoral stimulation, but they’re also a fabulous addition to nipple play. You can use a bullet vibe alone or with a partner. Tease around your breasts before targeting vibrations directly to your nipples, helping get you off in a brand new way. Nipple Clamps Want to kick things up a notch? Mix pleasure with plain. If you’ve found you enjoy having your nipples tweaked or pinched, nipple clamps are a great way to heighten these sensations. Vibrating nipple clamps are the perfect way to go from ouch to orgasm in two seconds flat. Excite the area with manual play then attach the clamps and press the button to get things buzzing.  

Where is the A-Spot? A Guide to Deep Spot Orgasms

  You’re well acquainted with the G-spot and have probably heard of the P-spot – but what about the A-spot? Technically known as the ‘anterior fornix’ and more casually referred to as ‘the deep spot’, this pleasure zone could be the secret to unlocking a whole new world of orgasms. From what the A-spot feels like to how to pleasure it, here’s everything you need to know. What is the A-Spot? The anterior fornix is an erogenous zone located within the vagina. Like the G-spot, the A-spot is an internal part of the clitoris. Yep, you heard us correctly – the clitoris is so much more than just what’s exposed externally, and actually extends internally to around five inches in length. Stimulating these internal nerves through hotspots such as the G-spot and A-spot can feel absolutely ahh-mazing and lead to those intense internal orgasms we’re all searching for. Where is the A-Spot? The anterior fornix is also known as ‘the female deep spot’, due to its depth within the vagina. The A-spot is located right at the back of the vagina, close to the cervix. Because of this deep location, the A-spot can often be naturally stimulated during anal play, but you can hit the spot vaginally, too. Using plenty of lube, insert one or two fingers (whatever is most comfortable for you) into the vagina. One or two inches in, you should be able to feel a patch of spongey tissue – the G-spot. From here, you will need to push a couple of inches deeper. If you need help finding the G-spot, check out our G-spot guide. Towards the back of the vagina, you should feel a firmer spot, at which point you will not be able to penetrate further. This is your cervix. Your A spot is also located in this area. Once you’re in the right area, you will need to experiment applying strokes and pressure with your fingers until you find a sensation that feels good for you. If you can’t find the right spot with your fingers, try an insertable sex toy or vibrator that’s at least 5 inches in length – one with a slight curve will work best. Most importantly, don’t worry if you can’t find the A-spot straight away, or if you don’t like the sensations it brings. The area around the cervix is extremely sensitive and while some experience extreme pleasure from having it stimulated, others may not. Go slowly, trust your body, and work with whatever feels good for you. What Does the A-Spot Feel Like? The A-spot is made up of an area of sensitive tissue, but unlike the G-spot, the A-spot will generally not have a different texture to the rest of your vagina. However, you will feel a similar level of sensitivity when you stimulate it. Due to the sensitive tissue, you’ll find that stimulating the A-spot will produce lubricant and make you feel wetter. How to Have a Deep Spot Orgasm An A-spot orgasm requires deep stimulation so requires penetration, either from fingers, your partner or a toy – such as a dildo or vibrator. However, not everyone finds it easy to orgasm with internal stimulation alone – and that’s fine! You can also combine deep, A-spot stimulation with external clitoral stimulation for an incredible blended orgasm. Simply choose a sex position that allows for deep vaginal penetration and have your partner stimulate your clit, either with their hands or your favourite vibrator. The Best Sex Positions for A-Spot Orgasms There are a number of sex positions that are perfect for targeting your A-spot. Here are just a few to get you started. Doggy Style Doggy style is a classic sex position – and for good reason. Doggy style allows your partner to penetrate deeply, targeting both your G-spot and A-spot depending on the depth and angle of their thrusts. On a Mission While your usual missionary position will leave your A-spot lacking in action, simply popping a pillow or two beneath your lower back can change everything. This slight change of angle raises your vagina and adjusts the angle of penetration, allowing your partner to get deeper with their thrusts and take you well on your way to an explosive deep spot orgasm. The Shard If you’re a fan of seriously deep penetration, The Shard is the sex position for you. This position is another adaptation of missionary, involving your partner on top. From the standard missionary position, raise both of your legs into the air – you can support yourself by holding onto your thighs, or rest your ankles on your partner's shoulders if that is more comfortable. Once you’re in position, you can hold your thighs together while squeezing your pelvic floor muscles, leading to incredible, deep sensations for both you and your partner. The Frisk The Frisk is a sexy, versatile position, and one which is very easy to master. The Frisk involves both you and your partner standing, with you bending over slightly while your partner enters you from behind. For deeper penetration, simply lean further forward until you find that perfect angle. This position is especially great as it leaves both your hands free for additional erogenous zone stimulation – you’ll be enjoying those incredible blended orgasms in no time. Whether you can climax from internal stimulation alone or are striving for a blended orgasm, the A-spot is a serious pleasure point that can feel amazing when targeted. Happy exploring!
Lesbian couple in bed with each other

Lesbian Sex Tips

  Lesbian sex is much more than the false representation that we see in the mainstream porn industry. From absolute beginners, to long-term female couples, there is a world of pleasure to be had between two women. Over the years, lesbian sex has been somewhat misrepresented. For those whose knowledge of girl-on-girl action comes solely from watching online porn, there’s an expectation of lesbian sex that’s just… well, ludicrous. In fact, most lesbian porn stars are actually straight in real life, just following the storylines set for them. We can’t blame people for a poor understanding of lesbian relationships, after all, it was only in 2019 that the government announced plans to include LGBT relationships into the school sex education curriculum. So, other than watching women doing particularly wooden acting and playing out ridiculous scenarios, how do you pick up lesbian sex tips that are sure to take your fun between the sheets to the next level? Don’t worry, Ann Summers have you covered. We’ve put together some top tips, so whether you’re happily in a relationship or just experimenting with a woman for the first time, you’ll know what you’re doing. “If It’s Not Like Porn, How Do Lesbians Have Sex?” This is the first hurdle; most lesbian porn just doesn’t seem to be made for lesbians (or women for that matter) to enjoy. Obviously, you don’t have to be a lesbian to enjoy lesbian sex, all women can enjoy it. Just like sex between any two people, there are all kinds of things to consider to help make lesbian sex as enjoyable as possible for everyone involved. Also – if you look for it, there is authentic lesbian porn out there, made by women, for women. First Time Lesbian Sex Tips Getting Warmed Up   People often say, “sex happens in the head first” and this is especially true with two women. Forging an emotional connection through talking and foreplay will lead to a much more close and intense experience.   Leave everything you’ve seen in porn out of it. Have sex that works for you and your partner, not a man watching. That’s the big difference between most lesbian porn and real lesbian sex.   Listen to your partner. There’s a lot to be said for listening out for how she reacts to everything you do.   Don’t rush into it. There’s much more to lesbian sex than just going down on each other and you have more than just your tongue to use. Kissing, touching and caressing every erogenous zone is just as important, enjoy the build-up. Preparing to Go Down   Hold your horses! Before you go down, try stopping off at some other erogenous zones along the way. The neck, collarbone, nipples, thighs, read your partner and find out what works for them.   Tell her what you want and ask her what she wants. Keeping these things to yourself is a recipe for disappointment. Make sure you communicate openly but be sensitive – not all of us find it easy to discuss these things.   Be honest about your sexuality. Some of us don’t fully understand our sexual desires until later in life. If you’re a little unsure, be honest with your partner. You might have more in common than you think!   Practice makes perfect. One bonus of lesbian sex is that you share the same anatomy as your partner – so practice on it! Figure out what feels good for you and try it on her. She can also do the same for you. Oral   For first timers, this can be intimidating. Just try to enjoy it and take your time. If anything, a little teasing will help build the excitement and tension for her.   When building the tension, try licking and blowing around her inner thighs, working your way upwards – even starting behind her knees. It’s an extremely sensitive area that’s sure to have her desperate for you to move on to her clitoris.   Remember there are thousands of nerve endings down there. Seeking them all out will be a lot of fun for both of you.   Don’t be afraid to slip your tongue (or a finger or two) into her vagina. If you do insert your fingers, curl them towards the front of her body in a ‘come hither’ motion to find her g-spot. Keep stimulating her clitoris at the same time and she’ll soon be in a world of pleasure. Still feeling nervous about cunnilingus? Our guide to going down on a woman has loads of expert tips to help you perfect your oral technique, you’ll become a pro in no time at all! How to Spice Up Lesbian Sex The great thing about lesbian sex is that there are plenty of ways to change things up very easily, and we have all kinds of suggestions here at Ann Summers. From sex toys to licks and lubes, adding something extra to your bedroom activity could be just the ticket. Dildos Using your fingers can be great during sex but swapping it out for a dildo can help you get a little deeper and let your hands focus on providing pleasure elsewhere. Picking a dildo can rely on several different factors, some couples enjoy a double-ended dildo, whereas some find a phallic shaped toy a turn off.  Vibrators Sure, dildos are great, but vibrators can really help to add some intense new sensations that are sure to drive you both wild. With toys such as bullet vibrators, perfect for clitoral and nipple stimulation, and vibrating dildos to light up your insides, a vibrator is the ideal tool to spice up lesbian sex.  Anal Toys Anal stimulation can add an extra element to sex, so it’s perfect for spicing up your love life. A vibrating butt plug can help to stimulate those nerve endings around the anus and add to the pleasure.  Lubes Speaking of lubricant, a selection of flavoured lubes and licks can help make sex that little bit tastier. Just pick a flavour, from strawberry to candy floss and beyond, apply it wherever you’d like on your partner and lick away!  Bondage If you and your partner fancy experimenting with restraints, whips and more, bondage could be the perfect way to enhance your sex life. It can lead to all kinds of roleplaying fun and let out your deepest, darkest fantasies. 
6 Easy ways to make sex better

6 easy ways to make sex better

  We’ve all been through the honeymoon period of a relationship. Fireworks explode, you can’t stop thinking about them and ripping each other’s clothes off is all you want. Phew, we’re getting hot just talking about it… But after the honeymoon period is over, many couples tend to find their sex life ends up being more “eh” than “OH!”. More average than amazing. But don’t worry, it’s a totally natural part of relationships and doesn’t mean you should run for the hills. With time, effort and, you’ll be glad to hear, a LOT of time between the sheets, getting that spark back can happen in no time. You’ve come to the right place. Take a look below for Ann Summers’ tips on how to make sex better, unforgettable and the hottest you’ve ever had.   1. CONFIDENCE IS KEY Nothing kills the moment more than a desperate dive under the duvet or flick of the light switch in an attempt to avoid being seen naked. We get it, not everyone’s comfortable with their body. But did you know that loving your body actually makes you better at sex? Here at Ann Summers, we’re champions of body positivity. So rather than worrying about the way you look, focus on really feeling the pleasure and letting your body feel good. We know it’s gonna take some time, but baby steps are all you need. Ladies, instead of greeting him at the door in your birthday suit, opt for a bra and knicker set in your favourite style and colour. Lingerie is guaranteed to make you feel fierce, and it’ll drive your partner wild too. If you want to cover up more but still look sexy, babydolls are perfect. This floaty style covers your stomach and looks elegant but enticing. Once you’ve got your confidence going, turn up the heat with some erotic underwear for an unforgettable night of seduction.   2. TAKE SEX OFF THE TABLE Huh? This guide is about how to make sex better, why on earth are we talking about not having sex? Hear us out. We won’t deny, there’s a fair bit of pressure out there that says couples have to have sex. Hell no! Sex should be enjoyable, not a chore – you can do the dishes for that. So take the pressure off and come to an agreement with your partner; no sex for a week, or a month – whatever you think you can handle. Sometimes taking sex off the table can make it better in bed Go right back to the basics of intimacy. Did you know that kissing is often the first thing to fizzle out in a long-term relationship? Head back to your teenage years with a good old-fashioned make out session. Focusing on cuddles, massages and everybody’s best friend – foreplay. You can go down on them, they can go down on your (or do both at once with a sexy 69). Intimacy isn’t just about sex; you can boost the love and attraction between you just by getting close to each other like you used to. Although we will admit, you’ll probably end up having sex long before your deadline ends if things start to get hot. Just go with it.   3. GO BACK TO THE BEGINNING Think back to the start of your relationship. We bet it was so damn hot. Intense eye contact, flirtatious exchanges, and goodnight kisses that left you wanting more. Now, a year or two down the line, you’re lucky to get a goodbye kiss in the morning let alone some quality time together. Maybe you have sex once a week or once a fortnight, and it’s so scheduled it might as well be written on the calendar. That’s just what happens, they said. Relationships fizzle out, they said. Right, but that doesn’t have to be the end. Make the effort to get out of your sex rut and you’ll be rewarded – it’s all about doing something different… Bring in some friends – we’re not talking about a threesome so calm down. By friends we mean toys, and couples sex toys are the perfect way to take your love life from vanilla to chilli hot in under 60 seconds. Turn up the kink – being bad feels pretty good. Whip out a blindfold or meet them at the door with a pair of handcuffs dangling from your finger. We promise they won’t say no.   Switch positions – always go for missionary? There’s a whole world of different sex positions to try, and we can show you the best ones. Check out our sex positions on the blog for plenty of inspiration. Surprise them – Does sex for you happen every Wednesday at 8pm on the dot? Grab them for a quickie before they leave for work in the morning or join them in the shower on a lazy Sunday morning. Variety is the spice of life, after all. 4. COMMUNICATION IS LUBRICATION Communication is vital between couples. If kissing is the first thing to go, then talking is a close second. Don’t be embarrassed to talk about sex – before you dive under the covers together, take time to talk about what really turns you on, and what your biggest turn offs are. No one in this world, man or woman, is a mind reader, so don’t just assume they’ll know what you like. First of all, talk about where you’d like to improve. We’re not saying write a long list of everything your partner does wrong – you’d be better off keeping quiet – but if they’re just not quite hitting the spot, now’s the time to speak up. Lying back and pretending it feels good doesn’t help anyone – nobody wants to learn an orgasm is fake. The next time things start to heat up, whether you're trying to sexually satisfy the woman or simply attract the man, don’t be afraid to guide their hand to the right pleasure points or, better yet, show them exactly what feels good by indulging in some mutual masturbation. It’s hot, and you learn something. Win-win. What do you do when someone says, “talk dirty to me”? Do the words come easily or is it a struggle? Most of us aren’t a natural Casanova so dirty talk can be a bit of a challenge. But once you overcome that initial awkwardness you’ll soon see that there’s nothing hotter than hearing someone whisper in your ear exactly what they want to do to you. Trust us, it’s the perfect build up. And finally, don’t be afraid to share your deepest darkest desires with your partner. Whether you’re desperate to try out a new position or want to explore some role play, if you don’t ask you won’t get – so don’t shy away from telling your partner what you really want. Be confident, take the reins and start experimenting together.   5. DATE EACH OTHER Remember we talked about taking sex off the table for a bit? While you’re doing that, you should also turn back the clock and go back to those early days. The best way to recapture the honeymoon phase is to pretend that you’re in it. Send them a surprise suggestive text message when they’re at work one day and watch them race home to be with you that evening. Take them out for a fun date night. Put your phones down and spend quality time together. Get to know each other like you did in the beginning and you’ll find that the spark reignites in no time.   6. SET THE SCENE We all love a quickie every now and then, but sometimes it’s nice to build the mood and take your time with it. Remember, foreplay starts long before sex, so tease their mind first with flirty looks, suggestive text messages and lingering touches. Cooking for one another is a wonderful way to strengthen a relationship – it’s intimate, fun and can get as kinky as you like – sex against the kitchen counter anyone? But certain foods serve an even sexier purpose. Add a few aphrodisiacs to your kitchen cupboards such as salmon, avocado, chocolate and red wine, all of which are well known for their libido-boosting properties. Fine dining also calls for suitable clothing, with a sexy twist of course. Before you start cooking, slip into something a little bit more appropriate. Nothing will drive him wilder than seeing suspenders peek out from underneath your mini skirt. After the main course, why not relax together? Hop into a warm, soap bubble bath and, when all the suds are gone and you can’t keep your hands to yourself any longer, indulge in a long luxurious massage. 
Tips for better doggy style

How To Make Sex Romantic

  Sex can be so many different things to different people. It can be hot, sexy, comforting, exciting, naughty and nice, all in equal measure. But there’s a type of sex that’s important for all couples to make time for: romantic sex. Although some people like to go for the typical route, romantic sex doesn't necessarily mean roses on the bed, champagne and the missionary position with lots of eye contact. Some couples find the trust required to enjoy BDSM sex romantic, and others find romance in the excitement of trying new positions and toys together. Romance is all about communication and understanding the needs and wants of your partner. In fact, only 9% of couples who felt uncomfortable talking about sex reported that they felt sexually satisfied. Follow our tips to start having more romantic, satisfying and altogether better sex this Valentine’s Day. Start outside the bedroom We don’t mean having sex anywhere but the bedroom (although we know this can be really fun!), instead it’s understanding that sex isn’t just about intercourse, and more about everything surrounding it. This means open and honest communication between you and your partner. It might not sound like the sexiest thing in the world to sit down and have a in-depth conversation, but it’s important to understand that your partner is not a mind-reader. As much as we’d like to think that our lover is so in tune with us that they automatically know what drives us wild, the only real way to get what you want is to be open and honest. Talking about sex may feel uncomfortable or embarrassing, but it’s a vital part of a healthy and romantic sex life. If there’s something new you’d like to try, if you feel like you’re left unsatisfied in some areas or you’d simply like to be a bit more open about your desires, take the time to have a relaxed, no-judgment chat with your partner. Atmosphere and location Your messy bedroom might not look like the most romantic of locations, but with a change of bedsheets, some fluffy pillows and a few special touches, it can be transformed. Sexy scented candles, mood music, and you’re sexiest lingerie set will make you both feel in the mood. Why not take it one step further and book a naughty weekend away? A change of location and knowing you’re making shared memories will add an extra layer of romance to your time together. The power of intimacy One of the key components to romance is intimacy. Only when you really feel like you can trust your partner can you really explore the different ways to be intimate with each other. Romantic sex, no matter what you’re into, is all about taking it slow and building up the tension. Lots of touching is always a good way to get your partner in the mood, followed by long and slow kisses. Why not try a soft, slow massage before a night of romance and intimacy? Explore together Many couples find the excitement of trying new things together the most romantic type of sex. Exploring different ways to give each other pleasure can add a whole new layer to your sex life, and help you to experience trust and romance like never before.
Body Affermation

Body Affirmations to Increase Your Sexual Confidence

  Sexual confidence is a difficult thing to measure. One day we might feel like a goddess and other days not so much. One thing we know for certain is that it must come from within – no amount of compliments from partners can do this for us. Nor can being a certain weight, age, or body shape, magically make you feel confident. True confidence is when you don’t need approval from others, and sexual confidence is just the same. We gathered some of our favourite affirmations – things to tell ourselves to help on the way to feeling more sexually confident. By repeating them to yourself – out loud preferably – you should start to believe them more and more… Affirmations for Sexual Confidence   I am my own best friend The way we talk to our best friends is how we should talk to ourselves – like we’re our own biggest fan. Would you pick her up when she’s down? Yes. Would you focus on and celebrate all her good points? Of course. Think about what she would say to you – and say it to yourself.   I deserve to be appreciated and respected in the bedroom… and everywhere else The bedroom is where someone has chosen you, and you alone. You should feel like you’re being listened to and feel truly confident to be yourself.   My sexual preferences and fantasies are part of who I am – they deserve to be listened to There’s nothing wrong with having sexual fantasies and wanting to try them. In the past we’ve been held back and wasted time worrying about what other people think, but we’re now living in an age when we can speak freely about what we want. If your partner even thinks about judging you for them, they don’t deserve to be your partner.   I embrace my sexuality fully and compassionately Being sexual is part of being human and there should be no guilt around that. Remind yourself that this is who you are and be proud of it.   My body is a product of every experience in my life, it is me, and it is beautiful The shape, the scars, the beauty of our bodies are all part of our story, and it’s truly unique. Your body has carried your through every difficult and glorious situation in your life and deserves to be appreciated for how it’s healed and fought back every single time.   I have the power to make my sex life everything I want it to be There’s only one thing standing in the way your ideal sex life… you. If you want to change something, ask for it. If you want to learn more about your body, explore it. And, if you want to buy a new sex toy – buy it! It’s all about how high you choose to aim!   I already possess everything I need to be happy in my own skin Other women don’t possess a secret to success or sexual confidence – they started out with the same tools you have. Use your mind and your body to get you where you want to be. Changes don’t come overnight – make sure you think about and practice these affirmations regularly and you’ll start to see progress in how easy it is to believe these things about yourself. What would you add to this list? Affirmations can be incredibly personal to us and speak to our own insecurities. Write your own and it becomes even more powerful!


Sex Position: Riding High Sometimes, the build-up can be better than the real thing. Take full control during foreplay with the Riding High. For some, having your intimate area so close to someone’s face may seem a little daunting. However, we assure you that once you’ve calmed your nerves, you’ll be begging for another ride. We recommend showering beforehand to make it a tasty treat for your partner, too! When you’re prepped and ready to go, climb aboard, making sure you support your own weight. Allow your partner to have a good squeeze of your bum throughout: they’ll be so turned on.    Sex Position: The Erotic V Get some full contact lovin’ with The Erotic V. Have your partner kneel, wrap your legs around his waist and have him support you by holding your bum. This position involves a good amount of strength from both parties, but it’s worth it! Having your body pressed against his makes this position naughty and intimate in equal amounts. The full-on contact provides great clitoral stimulation, but to kick things up a notch, slip a Vibrating Egg between the two of you for mind-blowing results. Incorporate nipple play by having him suck on your boobs whilst you bounce. Could it get any better? Want all the pleasure with a little less effort? Sit yourself on the edge of the sofa and have him kneel and enter you – same position, same great orgasms, less achy arms. Being on the sofa (or edge of the bed) also means that you’re able to lay back and adjust the angle of penetration to suit you and stimulate your G-spot, too.   Sex Position: The Hard Lean Sex positions don’t have to be hard to get you both off – The Hard Lean is easy to master and makes it even easier for you to cum. This G-spot targeting position involves minimal effort and maximum pleasure, lean back and get off. Laying on your back, raise your legs and have your partner support your hips – this angle makes The Hard Lean the perfect position to hit your G-spot and deliver incredible, internal orgasms. Need a helping hand? Steady yourself by placing your palms on the floor or around your partner’s legs – once you’ve gained balance, use one hand to stimulate your clit, either manually or with a Vibrating Egg. The dual stimulation will result in the most mind blowing climax. Want to share the love? Use the good vibrator on your partner. Raise your hand and gently stroke, cup and massage his scrotum. Use your Vibrating Egg to administer powerful vibrations to his balls and perineum. The perineum is a small area, just before his anus, this space is packed full of nerve endings and allows you to pleasure is P-spot without having a backstage pass. Learn more about P and G-spot massage here   Sex Position: The Sideways 69 Ever since Bryan Adams sang about his summer of ‘69, the world has gone crazy for the oral position that gives back. The only problem with traditional 69-ing, though? The neck strain… oh god, the neck strain. With all the best intentions, there’s only so long you can go balanced on top of your partner until your arms begin to weaken, you get cramp in your legs, and you need to rest your head on something. Phew! The solution? The sideways 69. The sideways 69 does exactly what it says on the tin. You stimulate your partner orally while they do the same to you… except you do it while lying on your side. That way, it’s easier for everyone, so you can relax, take your time, and build towards that thrilling mutual climax without having to worry about getting tired! First, find a comfortable place with plenty of room. The bed is always a great place to start. Start by lying on your side facing your partner. Your head should be towards their feet, and vice versa. Bend whichever leg you’re not lying on, placing your foot down so that your knee points to the ceiling, so your partner has plenty of space to get creative with their hands and tongue. Rest on your elbow for balance. When you’re both in position, it’s time to let your mouth do the talking. For the best 69-ing, you’ll want to start slow. Get the ball rolling with some sensual touching and kissing — tease the inside of your partner’s thigh with your lips or tantalisingly moving in for some fantastic oral sex. Once you’ve built up the excitement, it’s time for the main event. Respond to whatever your partner is doing; if your partner is increasing the pace, you should too. The more aligned you are, the better chance there is of the two of you reaching that fabled mutual orgasm… and it’ll feel so, so good. Want to take it to the next level? Get some toys involved. While they’re teasing and licking your clit, your partner can stimulate with a G-spot vibrator too for double the pleasure. They’ll love having multiple ways to tease you, and you can show them just how much you’re enjoying it by reciprocating on your end! Be at the top of your game while you’re on your side.   Sex Position: The Speed Bump Hump, bump and grind with a position guaranteed to get you off: The Speed Bump. The perfect lazy girl’s way to orgasm; The Speed Bump provides direct G-spot stimulation and the chance for mind-blowing clitoral vibes… all with minimal effort (– thank us later). Lying face-down, have your man enter you from behind. For maximum pleasure, place a pillow beneath your hips – this slight change in angle means that you’ll soon be on the receiving end of some intense, G-spot stimulation. For a more intense session, encourage your partner to rest his chest against your back; forget doggy – this close contact makes The Speed Bump, the most intimate position from behind. Want to kick thing up a notch? Place a clit-stim between yourself and the pillow. By adding vibration you’re guaranteed to get off in record time. Share in the good vibes. Rather than a clit-stim, you can add a vibrating butt plug or cock ring to The Speed Bump. Adding a cock ring means that you both benefit from the vibrations as well as keeping your man harder for longer – win-win. Vibrating butt plugs gives you a fuller feeling whilst simultaneously making you feel tighter for your partner. There’s no slowing down for this speed bump. Up the pace and have your mind blown.   Sex Position: Spoon-in   Perfect for early morning sex sessions, the trusty spoon is the perfect position to get your kicks and orgasm with minimal effort. Scoot on back and make the most of his morning wood. The side-saddle position allows you to grind, wind and wiggle your way to mind blowing orgasms; ensuring intense G-spot stimulation. Make sure to arch your back until they hit the spot and move your hips in small circles. Alternately, if speed is the way to your satisfaction, this position allows you to both join in on the thrusting action. Push back against him for fast paced, deep penetration designed to get you both off in seconds. Want to kick it up a notch? The spoon is the perfect position for exploring anal. Add plenty of lube and control the depth and pace yourself.   Sex Position: The Victory V Valentine’s Day may be over, but this weekend can still be all about romance and passion. Give The Victory V a go and prepare for mind-blowing pleasure; designed for deep, steady sex, involving minimal effort but providing maximum pleasure. Lay back and have your partner kneel wide as they enter you. Holding onto your ankles, your partner makes your clitoris easily accessible for added stimulation. Circle and rock your hips to ensure that your partner reaches and stimulates your G-spot, just below the cervix, both of which provide plenty of opportunity for orgasm.   Being in full view of your partner allows you to give and receive direction. Communicate your needs through dirty talk or simple facial expression – if they’re doing something right, voice this and encourage them to continue. The exchange boosts sexual confidence and gives you both knowledge to have better sex. Having two free hands in this position provides extra stimulation. Massage your breasts, rub your clitoris or gently tease your partners scrotum for maximum sexual satisfaction.   Vibration can feel great for you both – add a Vibrating egg to the mix to explore both of your erogenous zones during sex.     Sex Position: A Royal Ride   Get down like a royal and ride it side-saddle. The Royal Ride sex position is incredible for blended orgasms and getting more leverage when you’re on-top. Have your partner lay down on the sofa or edge of the bed; lower yourself onto them, keeping your feet on the floor. This position allows you to control both the speed and depth whilst allowing your partner to stimulate your clitoris and/or nipples simultaneously.   Having your feet on the floor means that you are able to use your thigh muscles to control the depth with ease. Grind in slow circles, working your way up and down the shaft. Tease your lover by only allowing them to enter you a little. The majority of a male’s sexual nerve endings are located in the head of the penis, so by only allowing them to enter you by an inch-or-so you are able to provide direct stimulation to this nerve rich area. Just as your partner is approaching their peak, allow them to enter you fully. Mind blown.   As you’re putting in the work, encourage your lover to reach under and massage your clitoris. As this position puts little pressure on your G-spot, external stimulation is key to climax. Have your partner lube up and use either their fingers or a small vibrator for added sensations. If they are using a vibrator they can run the tip from the vagina up to the clitoris, hitting more of your nerve endings but also allowing them to revel in the good vibrations.     Sex Position: The Butter Churner   Get down on it. Literally. The Butter Churner is a great position for those looking to try something a little advanced and totally kinky. To help you achieve the position, we recommend getting frisky on the sofa to take things out of the bedroom. Start with foreplay, get hot and heavy and even start with a little missionary to get you started. When you’re craving deep penetration, switch it up and get into a shoulder-stand position on the floor, using the sofa to support your back and take your weight.   With your bum raised and legs in the air, get your partner to hold your ankles and enter you from above. They will control the depth of every thrust and enjoy taking you from a whole new angle. This will really target your G-spot and you or your lover can use a free hand to tease and rub your exposed clit. If this position is hard to maintain, get your partner to kneel on the sofa and open your legs to surrender to deep satisfaction.   To make it kinkier: use ankle cuffs or bondage rope and allow your lover to tie your ankles together. With them enjoying full control, hand over a bullet vibe or clit-stim so they can tease you all the way to a lip-biting climax.   Sex Position: The Bridge   Bridge the gap between good and great sex with this position. Have your partner assume the bridge position, supporting themselves on their hands and feet. Straddle either side of them and bounce, then rock and grind your way to earth-shattering orgasms.   This position may look daunting but the control over speed and depth of penetration make it so worth the effort. Putting your feet on the floor either side takes the pressure off him and allows you to squat and grind at a pace guaranteed to get you off. With his hands out of action, it’s down to you to get your kicks; add a little vibration in the form of a Vibrating egg to stimulate your clit and nipples. Could it get any better than this? This position might be a little tricky to master at first, but once you’ve got the hang of it you’ll be burning calories and simultaneously reaching orgasms in no time.   Sex Position: A Leap of Faith   Trying something new can sometimes feel a little nerve-wracking — especially in the bedroom. But by leaping into the unknown, you can find new heights of pleasure that you didn’t even realise were there!   One of our favourite sex positions perfectly fits that description: a Leap of Faith. The best part about this position is that it provides the support you need to build a consistent rhythm and ramp up the heat as you race towards an explosive climax. For this position, you’ll want to use the edge of the bed — or, if you fancy some fun outside of the bedroom, try a table top instead. With his feet planted firmly on the floor, face away from him on your tip toes and gently lower yourself onto him, allowing him to support you with his arms. From here, you can build a gentle rhythm, speeding things up when you feel comfortable to do so. Want to spice things up? Let his hands wander to your breasts for some tantalising nipple play; it also provides additional support if you want to lean forward for a new angle and deeper penetration. Try rotating your hips as things heat up; you’ll work his shaft in new ways that will drive him wild for you. If you’d rather keep things nice and close, lean back into him so he can kiss your back and neck. As he enters you, use one hand to play with your clitoris, too — or better yet, get him to do it! Or you can take it one step further and use a Clit stimulating vibrator – He’ll find it super hot, and you can just lean back and enjoy! Feeling bold? You can up the ante if you have balance; it might take a little practice, but it’s totally worth it. Place the balls of your feet on the edge of the bed or table between his legs. It’s a little trickier to pull off, but done right, this thrilling balancing act will help you unleash an even deeper level of pleasure.   Sex Position: The Reverse Cowgirl Almost as common as missionary, the Reverse Cowgirl is a sex position for everyone to experience. We’re here to teach you how to master this and have your man begging you to ride on, and on, and on… This is a great position for receiving both anal and clitoral stimulation, as well as putting you in full control of speed and depth of penetration. Straddle your man whilst facing his toes, stay knelt for slow, grinding motions or squat deeper for more intense, harder and faster penetration. Hold onto his legs for support and ride him or rotate your hips in a figure of eight. Angles are everything: Lean backwards to ensure that he hits your G-spot or forwards for a full-on feeling. If you struggle to achieve orgasm through penetration alone, get your partner to keep one leg bent rather than having your legs either side of his hips, put them either side of his thigh and receive some mind-blowing, orgasm-inducing clitoral stimulation from the friction. Add vibes whether that’s in the form or a clit-vibrating bullet which you hold or vibrating butt-plug that you allow him to use on you. The visuals will be a massive turn on and you’ll be on the receiving end of good vibes either way. Win win, cowgirl. Use when you thought it couldn’t get better, you can also stimulate your man’s scrotum and perineum. Slow your pace and gently stroke his balls with a cupped hand and massage his perineum in firm circles with your index finger with lube – a guaranteed win.     Sex Position: Standing 69 Take a trip down route 69, and have your mind blown whilst you blow. Oral can be given (and received) in a range of exciting positions, however nothing beats a classic.  But the best just got an upgrade with the standing 69.   Get the ultimate head rush while you receive some insanely good head. Support your weight by resting your thighs on your partner’s shoulders and have them hold onto your waist. Still need a little more stability? Reach out and put your hands on the floor – hand standing for head!   Being upside down means that your blood rushes to your head, giving you a dizzying excuse to get lost in the moment and focus entirely on pleasure. This new position will open up your airways and allow you to fulfil every deep-throat desire whilst being on the receiving end of some seriously good oral. Add some sensational slip with flavoured lube and get ready to orgasm from a whole new perspective. From foreplay to the main event, take a trip down route 69.   Sex Position: The Bow Down Are you ready for some bedroom gymnastics that will blow your mind? We don’t mean hanging-from-the-chandelier-sex or doing a triple backward somersault onto the bed, oh no! We’re talking about the most erotic handstand you’ll ever do. Limber up and get ready for the Bow Down… This position can be a bit tricky to get in to and you’ll need a little upper body strength to help support your weight, but the feeling of the blood rushing to your head coupled with the amazing sensations from your partner will make it all worth it. Get into a handstand position with the wall supporting you. Then, have your partner bow down to you and take you to new heights of oral pleasure. Getting it right Unless you’re a yogi master who regularly incorporates handstands in your workouts, chances are you won’t have done one since you were a kid, so your technique will be a little rusty. So, how do you avoid getting into position without your legs flailing around or kicking your partner in the head? Well, with a little practice, you’ll be able to get into position with grace and ease. With the support of your partner, do a handstand and let them guide your feet towards the wall and help you get into the right position. If you’re not comfortable with doing a full handstand, you could do this move from your bed. Simply slide off the edge so that you’re in an upside down position – supporting your weight on your hands. From here, your partner can gently guide you into position, you could even rest your legs over on partner’s shoulders for extra support. Then get ready for some intense sensations… Turn up the heat a little bit more This position is very intimate so it’s understandable that you might feel a little, ‘exposed’ when you’re getting into the pose. These sexy tie side bottoms are perfect for the occasion.   Once you’re in place, your partner can slowly untie the bows – driving you wild with anticipation for what’s to come.   Why not add some flavoured lube into the mix too? You could also include some vibe play for a deep sensation that will take your orgasm to another level. Make sure you’re comfy Make sure you have a pillow in place under your head, that way if you collapse in ecstasy, you’ll have something soft to fall into. And if you don’t feel comfortable at any time, are feeling a little dizzy or think you can’t hold the position any more,  tell your partner so they can help you down easily.   Sex Position: The Yab Yum Free your mind, build sexual intimacy and stimulate your body to bring a whole new meaning to amazing sex. How? With the ancient Tantric Yab-Yum position. Because who doesn’t want to experience mind-blowing pleasure? Once a traditional posture made to unify both man and woman, now the Yab-Yum is used to combine meditation, yoga and sex all into one. In other words, this isn’t something to rush. So, this time, a raunchy quickie just won’t cut it! Unlike top-and-bottom positions, the Yab-Yum allows you both to sit upright equally – a sure fire way to make you both happy… It’s all about exploring a deeper connection with your partner as well as stimulation. Couldn’t get any more erotic than that, right? Better yet, not only is this so easy to do, but it allows you and your partner to maintain eye contact, kiss and get as handsy as you’d like. And another bonus is that you’ll have full control of rhythm and speed. So, climb on board, take deep breaths and experience the best sexual experience of your life. Have your man sit upright with his legs folded. If he finds it uncomfortable, he could sit on a chair, or the edge of the bed instead. Sit on his lap, wrapping your legs around his waist and arms around his shoulders prior to penetration. You can allow your legs to hang loosely if you’re both sitting on a chair. Then have him wrap his arms around your waist and rock back-and-forth slowly as you penetrate – much more satisfying than just jumping in! Now it’s time to build sexual tension with some skin-to-skin contact. Get up-close as much as possible to stimulate each other’s bodies. To really experiment, keep both eyes closed or open and place the tip of your tongues together and test out different ways of breathing simultaneously. Try a variety of different movements in this position – try thrusting up and down, side-to-side or arch your lower-back while rocking rhythmically onto his pelvis as you breathe in and out. Then let the sexual energy flow until you both reach an orgasm that’s truly unforgettable. Trust us – this isn’t something that you’d want to pass. Try it now, thank us later.   Sex Position: The Eagle It’s only been day two since cult reality dating show Love Island aired on our screens. And we must say, the show’s heating up already! Love Island newbie Curtis Pritchard sent fans of the show into a frenzy after the dancer revealed that his favourite sex position is The Eagle; and that viewers should ‘figure out what it is for themselves’. Well challenge accepted, Curtis! Read on to find out more… Lie on your back and spread your legs wide apart while your man kneels in front of you. As he holds your ankles to keep you stable, get him to penetrate you gently while thrusting his body against you. Now it’s time to get as creative as you’d like. While he watches his penis go in and out, increase arousal and let both your hands run wild. While he changes pace to kiss you and caress your breasts, try to gently rub your hand against your clit for dual stimulation. And remember that more eye contact builds intimacy. Try to re-position the angle of your thighs to change the depth of penetration. If your thighs start to ache, you can rest them against your partner’s shoulders. Blending the ease of missionary with eroticism, trust us when we say that you’re bound to both be very satisfied. Sex Position: The Praying Mantis Let’s do it like they do on the discovery channel. Forget doggy, there is a new go-to position from the animal kingdom – The Praying Mantis. This super easy position is the ultimate way to achieve G-spot orgasms, clitoral orgasms and leaves you in the perfect position for nipple play. Lay back and revel in the intense sensations. Slip a pillow beneath your lower back and have your partner kneel at your base with their legs slightly spread. With one leg over their shoulder and the other to the side, the Praying Mantis sex position provides the perfect angle and depth for mind-blowing G-spot massage. Laying back and focusing on the unparalleled pleasure, circle your hips and grind your way to orgasm. Have your partner use their hands to caress your body – working on all of your favourite erogenous zones. Take it slow and have them work their way down your body; playing with your hair, stroking your neck, tweaking your nipples and finishing by stimulating your clitoris. Add a small vibrator to the mix and tip yourself over the edge into blended orgasms. To heighten the sensations in your G-spot, add a pea-sized amount of G-spot Gel and have orgasms guaranteed. For your partner, this position provides more than just pleasure, it’s all about the red hot visuals too. Find a new way to play.     Sex Position: The Boa   Re-kindle the romance and turn up the heat with The Boa. This missionary-inspired position is the ultimate for some full-contact lovin’. Don’t be fooled: this super simple position provides whole lot of pleasure. Girls, climb on top of your partner, support you weight with your hands as you lean forward; intertwine your legs and grind your way to orgasm. The Boa provides direct stimulation to the clitoris, making it the perfect position to try if you usually struggle to reach climax from intercourse alone. Make the most of this romantic sex position with plenty of kissing and maybe even a side of dirty whispers. Slow and steady wins the race with this position so make the most of slowing it down and re-connecting. If you need a little more stimulation to get you there, cool things down. Add a new sensation with a Cool Tingle Lube. The contrast between the heat of your bodies together and the cool freshness of the lube will heighten feelings and build awareness, taking you to next level orgasm. If you’re still left wanting more, try out a cock ring. They’re worn by a male partner and provide direct vibration to the woman’s clitoris. The Boa is the perfect position for this kind of toy. The pressure between the two of you will allow for constant stimulation – the angle and pressure will keep the cock ring firmly against your clit. Try this out – orgasms are guaranteed.   Sex Position: The Frisk   The perfect position for a quickie. Whether you’re bent over the kitchen counter or having a change of scene in the great outdoors, The Frisk is the perfect way to get fruity.   The Frisk may be part of your everyday repertoire but it can be made considerably better with a few simple tips. Get ready to take The Frisk to a whole new level. Have your partner enter you from behind as you bend over. For deeper G-spot targeting sex, bend further from the hips, holding lower down your shins or your ankles. If you’re flexible enough, place your palms on the floor and have your partner support you by holding your hips, making sure you don’t topple forwards. As with all sex positions, lube can make The Frisk feel even more incredible. Make sure you’re both lubed up before your lover enters you. Using lubed up fingers, have your partner stimulate your clitoris or nipples. If manual stimulation doesn’t quite get you there, add a bullet and run it from his scrotum up to your clitoris, varying the pressure and speed. Any position from behind limits the view for the receiver. If you get off on the visuals, place a mirror on the floor between your legs. Watch as your partner enters you and get off on your very own, live action porn film. If you still feel like you’re missing out on seeing your partner, have sex near a hung mirror to sneak peaks of their face and watch just how much they’re enjoying it. Need a little extra height? Forget wobbling around on tip-toes, rock your most seductive lingerie set with a pair of sky-high heels. Look incredible and make the most of the killer confidence. Get Frisky.   Sex Position: Push and Pull All relationships need a little give and take and a lot of Push & Pull. This may seem like the classic doggy style, but push and pull is all about angles.   Apply lots of your favourite lube and keeping your knees firmly together, have your man enter you from behind in a kneeling position. When you have got into your rhythm and are close to climax, get him to slowly lean back and switch to slow, deep thrusts. By leaning back, the angle of his penis will push firmly against the back of your vagina and hit your G-spot with every lip-biting push. If you can bear the anticipation, use a bullet vibrator on your clit at the same time and get him to pull out and wait for a few seconds. This will leave you begging for more and build up to the mother of all orgasms.   This position is also a great one if you’re using a strap on. Switch roles and experience intense G-spot orgasms if you’re a lesbian couple, or give your guy a climax he’ll never forget by hitting the P-spot and pulling out at the point of climax. Ride on.   Sex Position: The Snail   Slow and steady wins the race — especially in the bedroom. It might not have the nicest of names, but the Snail is a real love letter to couples who like to slow things down and get a new depth of appreciation. And if there’s one thing this position is great for, it’s getting deep — without sacrificing the intimacy of face-to-face contact that you might crave from your partner. The Snail is easy to transition into from the Missionary position, but make sure you have plenty of lube at hand to really enjoy the depth of penetration that the Snail allows for. To get into the Snail position, the receiving partner pulls their knees up to the other’s chest while lying flat on their back and puts their ankles on the other partner’s shoulders as they kneel in front. As the giving partner enters, they can use their body weight to lean forward onto the back of the receiving partner’s thighs, pushing them down to hit that G-spot. Want to amp up the intensity? Use your fingers — or, even better, a bullet vibrator — for extra pleasure that will help you or her reach an amazing a blended orgasm, even while you go oh-so-slow. Keeping that super-hot eye contact throughout will drive your partner wild; they won’t be able to resist going harder and faster as you begin to climax together. Going at this snail’s pace will make your heart race.     Sex Position: The Column Get ready for a real standing ovation. The Column is the perfect sex position for intimate, energetic and totally satisfying sex. The best part is that you can do it anywhere — there’s no bed, couch or counter top needed!   For the Column, both you and your partner need to stand upright facing the same direction, with your partner’s chest snuggled close to your back. To begin with, you should entwine your arms to help you both balance and to increase intimacy. Your partner should then enter you from behind, bending their knees if there is a significant height difference. Then, arch your back and lean forward slightly. Have you partner establish a steady rhythm – both slow and sensual or fast and hard work really well in this position, depending on what you’re into. If you’re having trouble balancing, this position works great up against a wall or when leaning your upper body over a chair. The angle in which your partner enters you is amazing for deep G-spot penetration, and once you’ve established a rhythm, your lover can move their hands around to wherever takes their fancy. That’s why this position is so popular — your partner can easily stimulate every part of your body, from your nipples to your clitoris. To take your lovemaking to new heights of pleasure, have your partner hold a bullet vibrator against your clitoris for incredible blended orgasms. The Column is sexy and intimate, and if you’re into it, it’s the perfect position for having your partner whispering some dirty talk into your ear whilst kissing your neck.   Sex Position: Get it Up Take your night to new heights with the sexy “Get It Up”.   Many of us fall back on the good old missionary position with our partner, especially when we’ve had a long day or just fancy a bit of a quickie. Well, we’re here to help you take your love life to the next level with our sex position of the month: The Get It Up. The position is perfect for couples looking for deep, intimate penetration, and is a great way to ensure your G-spot gets some much needed stimulation. Start with some missionary loving initially, and make sure you keep lots of eye contact. Then, put one leg over your partner’s shoulder and rest the other on the bed. Your partner will be able to give you some deliciously deep penetration while their hands will be free to roam all over your body – making sure your breasts and clit get some attention too. If you want an intense orgams that will rock your world, we highly recommend introducing a clit stim or a vibrating cock ring for a mind-blowing blended orgasm.   Sex Position: Splitting Bamboo   Splitting Bamboo provides both clitoral and internal stimulation for you and a fantastic view for your partner. This position requires a little effort for maximum reward. Lay back and have your partner straddle one of your legs, placing the other over their shoulder. This angle allows you to press and rub your clitoris on your lover’s leg whilst they are inside you. Make small, circling motions with your hips to make the most of the clitoral contact during penetration. Encourage your partner to play with your nipples for added stimulation. Lube up for intercourse to make everything feel more intense, then have your partner use their lubed up fingers to rub your nipples, rolling them between their fingers and tweaking them slightly. Using the Core Pleasure Lubes makes the possibilities for pleasure endless. Explore with Cool Tingle lube; apply and gently blow on your nipples for an icy sensation. If you wish to reciprocate the pleasure, lean forward and caress your lover’s scrotum. The Splitting Bamboo position is perfect for communicating – with you and your partner facing each other you can more effectively express what feels great and what brings you closer to orgasm. Facial expressions may be enough to direct your partner but you can up the ante considerably with a little dirty talk.  Looking into your partners eyes, tell them exactly what it is that you’re enjoying, or how to make it more satisfying  – the more descriptive the better.     Sex Position: The Full Frontal Take a seat. It’s time to get fully acquainted with The Full Frontal: the ultimate way to experience incredible oral sex.   Splitting Bamboo provides both clitoral and internal stimulation for you and a fantastic view for your partner. Have your partner lay back, and like the queen you are, take a seat on your throne. With your legs bent, kneel either side of their face and lower yourself towards their mouth. Have your partner reach up and use their fingers to expose your clit before they get started – this direct stimulation is guaranteed to make you orgasm in record time. Oil up your boobs and take turns massaging, tweaking, grabbing and groping… If you’ve never tried face sitting before, trust us: now is the time. Being above your partner is not only a huge turn on for them, but it allows them to deeply penetrate you with their tongue. Want to take even more control? Gently rock your hips and get your grind on. And don’t forget to reward your partners good work, because giving feels just as good as receiving, right? Lean back and gently stroke their shaft and scrotum. Use lube to make your hand job extra slippery for intense stimulation. Keep it tasty and opt for a flavoured lube so you’ll get a sweet treat when it’s your turn to return the favour. We don’t know why they called it a blowjob because it should never feel like work. Want to learn more about oral? Get top blowjob tips from our guide.   Sex Position: The Lover's Lock This Valentine’s Day, pleasure is guaranteed. Why not try a new move or two in the bedroom? Follow our guide to get the most out of The Lovers Lock – a position perfect for February 14th. The Lovers Lock involves you laying on your back, hips slightly tilted as your partner straddles one of your legs and enters you with the other wrapped around their waist. This position allows you to make the most of any Valentine’s lingerie you’re rocking and with your free hands you can stimulate those red-hot zones. This intimate position allows your partner to read your facial expression and take direction – ensuring you get it exactly how you want it. With your partner deep inside you, rock your hips back and forth for intense G-spot stimulation. If G-spot massage alone isn’t enough to bring you to climax, have either your partner or yourself massage your clitoris and add a small bullet vibe for extra sensations. To make your Valentine’s red-hot freeze an ice cube tray of lube – from foreplay to The Lovers Lock, these will help you up the ante. Rub your lips with the frozen lube before oral, pop a cube inside yourself to melt during intercourse or trail one down your torso, lubing up and stimulating your nipples. The cold of the ice will heighten sensations and the lubricant will ensure that everything feels mind-blowing – take it from us. Grind, rock and roll your way to climax.   Sex Position: Joystick Joyride   We bet your Christmas dinner was epic, right? Maybe so, but like the turkey, you must be totally stuffed! You may have doubled your calorie intake, but don’t panic, just 42 minutes of doing the Joystick Joyride will burn off your meat feast and give you mind-blowing orgasms. Take control and straddle your partner; keeping your feet out in front and knees slightly bent. Hold on to their shoulders so you can change gear when you want to ride harder. Meanwhile, get him to hold you by the hips to help control the pace – this will make him raise and tense his core while watching you enjoy every thrust. This is the perfect reason to use plenty of lube, as your clit will benefit from rubbing against his lower stomach. Add a cock ring for added vibrations, or reap the benefits of this intimate face-to-face sex position by indulging in urgent kisses, eye contact and dirty talk. Trust us, once you’ve experienced the Joystick Joyride, you’ll wish it could be Christmas everyday.   Sex Position: The Bucking Bronco Want earth-shattering orgasms? Then try the Bucking Bronco. This fairground favourite is even better when it’s X-rated. Straddle your partner whilst he’s seated and take turns in rocking and riding. Kneel for a controlled bounce or place your feet either side of your partner and squat your way to hard, fast and intense orgasms. This position allows you both to take the driving seat and alternate between deep penetration and slow, teasing squats. The added friction of his lower abdomen rubbing against your clit makes this a great position to achieve multiple orgasms. Want him to take control? Crouch and hover slightly above him; hold his shoulders and allow him to thrust away beneath you. Giddy up! This position also gives the opportunity for nipple stimulation. So, make the most of the pleasure receptors located in your boobs and let your partner suck, lick, tweak and stroke. Breast play can be a huge turn-on for you both, too. Want to kick things up a notch? Cover your boobs in nipple rub and have every sensation heightened. Want to find the pain in pleasure? Include nipple suckers or clamps in your Bucking Bronco ride. Ride it cowgirl! Sex Positions: Carry on Climax Get fast, furious and rampant with Carry on Climax. This sex position is ideal for a quickie and the perfect way to spice things up away from your usual bed bound routine. Jump up and mount your partner, wrapping your legs around their back, with their hands supporting your bum as they push you firmly against the wall. This is the ultimate position for when you urgently need it. As they enter you, find your rhythm as you both experience the satisfyingly deep penetration this position guarantees. The weight and lift element of this sex position means your clit is in full contact with their body, so add plenty of lube to slide and ride that lip-bitingly good friction as they thrust into you. If you need support for a longer sesh, try it against the kitchen work top or try perching on a desk or the back of a sofa. With your weight supported, this will leave their hands free to explore and allow you to widen your knees for maximum impact. Use your hands to lightly drag your nails up their back and send shivers down their spine. To add more kink, try using a riding crop and spank them lightly to go faster, harder or keep them under control. Giddy up!  

A Beginner’s Guide to Blowjobs

Blow jobs, BJs, giving head – whatever you like to call it, pleasuring your man orally is a guaranteed way to send him into sexual ecstasy. WHAT IS A BLOW JOB? Definition: Noun: a blow job (or fellatio) is oral sex performed on a man using the lips, mouth and tongue to stimulate the penis. Used as part of foreplay or all the way to orgasm. Don’t let the name fool you, blow jobs have nothing to do with blowing, though they do involve using your lips, tongue and mouth to make him go wild with pleasure. Whether on its own or as part of the main event, it can be as good as full penetration, but can feel even better (for both of you) if you’ve got the technique down. While blow jobs might seem intimidating, they’re easy enough to do when you get the hang of them. It’s all about getting in the right position and knowing how to hit the spot. Knowing how to give good head is a skill worth having, and once you’ve mastered the blow job techniques in our guide, it’s easy to give him some seriously intense orgasms.     HOW TO GIVE A GOOD BLOW JOB – THE BASICS What if I do it wrong? What if I can’t make him cum? Ignore any nagging doubt and give it a go, you’re bound to find something that works. Be confident – don’t worry about doing it wrong. If in doubt, ask him what he likes and make sure that’s what you’re comfortable with. Show him you’re enjoying it – this adds so much to his experience – no-one wants to feel like it’s a chore, him included. Be the boss – there aren’t many things a man finds sexier than knowing a woman can’t wait to go down on him, and teasing can even start outside the bedroom. Suggestive texts are always a good place to start. Keep him thinking about the pleasure that awaits and he’ll be desperate for your touch when you’re finally back together. When you do get down to the blow job itself, don’t go in and give him the good stuff straight away. Start off passionately. Kissing and a little foreplay should get you both fired up. Then use that new-found confidence to prolong the wait as much as possible.     HOW TO START A BLOW JOB GET HIM IN POSITION. Kneel before him or lay him down and lean over on top, ready to show him your oral sex skills. Not only will your man love you taking charge, but you’ll enjoy the feeling of empowerment as you take total control of his pleasure. TAKE YOUR TIME AND TEASE HIM. Kiss him across his stomach and along the tops of his thighs. Start off with gentle kisses up and down then start to use your tongue, gradually using more and more of its surface to caress his skin. USE YOUR TONGUE. Slowly run your tongue from the base of his shaft to the tip, looking into his eyes and taking time to flick the tip of your tongue of the frenulum, the sensitive part of skin that connects the foreskin to the head. Stop and make him beg for more. OPEN YOUR MOUTH just a little as you slide your lips over the head – but don’t go too far. Work the head with your tongue, going all the way round. Introduce some suction here, then all the way down, making sure your mouth is as wet as possible to help your lips glide over him. Listen for his reactions to guide you. DON’T FORGET YOUR HANDS. Your hand can be lightly wrapped around the base of his shaft, stroking while you’re working the head, or teasing his balls – and perineum if that’s his thing. Remember you have two hands – so make the most of them! KEEP MIXING IT UP. You should take his shaft all the way out of your mouth and start over regularly, kissing the head and slowly opening your lips to slide down. GENTLY TWIST YOUR HEAD as you raise and lower, suck harder or softer, flick the head gently with your tongue, tighten or loosen your grip. Try different approaches and go down the roads that make him moan the loudest.     TOP TIPS FOR A GREAT BLOW JOB That’s the basics covered, but there’s plenty more you can do to turn a decent bj into some sensational head, which is enjoyable for both of you…   Use your hands – as you caress his shaft with your mouth, wrap your palm around it (hand-job style) and rub up and down in the same rhythmic motion. The added stimulation will feel great. And remember, his penis isn’t the only place around there with nerve endings – his balls and perineum (the area of skin between his balls and his anus) are very sensitive to the touch of your hands… and your mouth.    Read his body language – your blow job is only as good as the pleasure it gives, so make sure you pay attention to your man’s visual and verbal clues. If he’s moaning in ecstasy, keep doing what you’re doing, or even slow it down to prolong the pleasure. If not, try something else.   Mix things up – whilst the tried and tested method definitely gets an orgasm, don’t be afraid to get creative. Switch angles or positions, swirl your tongue around then lick it like a lollypop – the slow brush of your tongue can feel like heaven.   Take little breaks – let’s face it, giving head can get a little uncomfortable. Sore neck and jaw lock, anyone? To prevent this, be sure to pull off from time to time and take a break from the blow job. Your hands – and your boobs (using them to caress his penis, or go all the way with a tit wank) give you a great way to mix things up while you get your breath back.   Watch those teeth – while a little nibble is fine, you definitely don’t want any scraping action going on. Ouch! The best way to avoid this is to take care and shield your teeth with your lips.   Lube up – add some extra slide to your blow job action, but make sure it’s water-soluble as you’ll likely swallow some of it. You could even try our range of edible lubes and licks to give things a fruity flavour.   Look into his eyes – not all guys are into this, but eye contact can be a huge turn on. Glance up every now and then or maintain eye contact for longer to make this intimate act even more intense.   Show him you’re enjoying it too – It’s not only getting a blow job that’s hot. Giving one should be too, so show him you’re enjoying it. Plus any moaning you do while he’s in your mouth will provide vibrations guaranteed to make his toes curl. THE GRAND FINALE It’s important to know when he’s going to cum, but how can you tell? This is where communication comes into play. Chat with him before and make sure he tells you just as he’s about to climax, as he’s unlikely to remember his own name just before he cums, never mind have a reasonable discussion. Decide what you’re comfortable with between the two of you. SPIT OR SWALLOW? Remember you’re the boss. Yes, it’s true that blow jobs – and how they end – tick a lot of boxes for men, but it’s not all for them. The power you have as a woman to act out his fantasies and amaze him with your blow job skills is something that can be truly sexy for you too. It might be that cumming in your mouth is fine – and it’s always your call whether to spit or swallow. If that’s not something you want to do, lots of men have fantasies of cumming elsewhere on your body – just make sure you’re ok with what he has in mind (and be prepared to wash your hair afterwards if he aims for your face!). Finally, right before climax, give his balls a gentle tug for added intensity. It’ll blow his mind.     HOW TO GIVE THE BEST BLOW JOB If you really want to give your man a head to remember, there are plenty of naughty little tips and tricks to try:     TEASE THE PERINEUM As well as using your mouth to pleasure his penis, use your lips and tongue to kiss, flick and tease his scrotum and the perineum (the particularly sensitive spot between his balls and anus). Your hands can also take care of this area while he’s in your mouth.     GO HOT AND COLD By sucking on an ice cube or sipping a hot drink before putting him in your mouth, you can give him some added tingle. Just make sure you warn him first… you don’t want to send him into shock! USE SEX TOYS TO IMPROVE A BLOW JOB Introducing sex toys to the mix can take his pleasure to the next level and keep things varied. You just need to think outside the box… MAKE YOUR MOUTH VIBRATE No, this isn’t some bizarre beatbox-type trick. We’re talking sex toys. By placing a bullet vibrator underneath your chin or against your cheek, the intense vibrations will travel through your mouth and take the pleasure to another level. Humming while he’s in your mouth can have a similar effect if you want to go low-tech. SLIP ON A COCK RING By restricting blood flow, cock rings keep your man harder for longer. The more you can extend the pleasure during the blow job, the more intense his orgasm will be. Choose from a standard, stretchy cock ring or one that vibrates to blow his mind! POP IN A BUTT PLUG If he’s up for some backdoor play, (gently!) pop in a butt plug. These not only add pressure (increasing the intensity of climax), but also touch the prostate, or ‘p spot’ for some new, explosive sensations.   HOW TO DEEP THROAT If you’ve never done it before, you’ve probably at least heard of deepthroating. The idea of taking your partner’s whole shaft down your throat may seem a little intimidating, but it’s certainly something to try if you’re willing to push the boundaries. The sensations he gets as the tip of his penis touches the back of your mouth feel incredible. Then, of course, there’s the whole S&M element. The question is, how do you get it right? Here are a few tips: Practise with a prop – Using a banana, dildo or vibrator, testing out how far you can take things beforehand is a good idea. Half the battle is learning to relax. If you’ve done it before, your mouth will be much more obliging. Go inch by inch – There’s nothing like gagging to take you out of the moment. To avoid this, put it in inch by inch. That way it won’t feel as much of an intrusion. Don’t forget to breathe – And if you end up taking too much in the heat of the moment, don’t be afraid to pull back and start again when you’re ready. Make sure you’re both clear on what’s ok – he might have seen men holding a woman’s head and thrusting in porn, but if you want to do this in real life you need to be able to know that you can stop it at any time you want. Make sure the trust is there. NOW HE’S SATISFIED, DON’T FORGET TO ASK YOUR GUY TO RETURN THE FAVOUR  

Where is the G-Spot? A Guide to Internal Orgasms

Finding the female G-spot is almost a guarantee that your sex life is about to hit new heights. Hitting this sweet spot can lead to mind-blowing internal orgasms, intense blended orgasms, and even female ejaculation – basically, a whole lot of fun in the bedroom! But where is the G-spot? And what should you do once you’ve found it? Here’s everything you need to know… What is a G-spot? Let’s start at the beginning – what even is a G-spot? The G-spot is an internal erogenous zone that can be found just inside the vagina, at the front of the vaginal wall. This spot is made up of sensitive tissue that, like the clitoris, can feel amazing when stimulated. So, if you usually struggle to orgasm from internal stimulation alone, finding your G-spot could be just the thing to revolutionise your sex life. Where is the G-spot ‘Where is the G-spot?’ really is an age-old question, as the female G-spot is famously elusive. When looking for the G-spot, we’d recommend playing on your own at first to figure out your body and what you like – once you know for yourself where this sexual sweet spot is located, it’ll be much easier to direct your partner. Here are some tips on how to find your G-spot, step by step. Turn up the heat The very first step is quite simple – relax and turn up the heat. When you’re aroused the G-spot naturally dilates and fills with fluid, making it much easier to locate. Before you head towards any internal play, start with some external stimulation until you’re feeling turned on and ready to go. Location, location, location Locating the G-spot relies on the answers to two important questions: how deep is the G-spot, and what does the G-spot feel like? You can generally find the G-spot between 2 to 3 inches inside the vagina. It’ll feel slightly different from the vaginal wall around it – like a ridged mound. To find your G-spot, make sure you’re laying comfortably. As we always say, everything is better with lube, and using plenty here will increase your comfort and turn up the pleasure. With your palm facing upwards, insert one or two fingers (whatever’s comfortable for you). The G-spot is located on the roof of the vagina, so angle your fingers forwards slightly in a tickling, or ‘come hither’, motion and you should hit the spot! What Happens When You Find The G-Spot? So, you’ve found your G-spot. Now what? This sensitive spot is packed full of nerve endings, so play around and see what feels good for you. Gently circle your G-spot, or speed things up and apply more pressure depending on what you enjoy. Once you feel comfortable with the location of your G-spot and what feels good, you can instruct your partner on how to find it too. Don’t be afraid to be vocal – tell them what you like, and exactly how much you like it. How to Massage the G-spot for a Blended Orgasm Due to their closely linked nerve endings, combining a G-spot massage with external, clitoral stimulation can result in the holy grail of orgasms – the blended orgasm. Blended orgasms are some of the most intense orgasms you can experience, and the G-spot is key to getting there. While your G-spot is being treated to a tantalising teasing, encourage your partner to use their other hand to gently rub your clitoris. To take things up a notch and really add to your pleasure, have them flick their tongue or a Vibrating Egg over your clitoris while massaging internally – you’ll be tipped over the edge in no time. How to Find the G-spot With a Vibrator Whether you’ve already found the G-spot, or you just need a little helping hand, introducing a vibrator into the mix can help directly target your G-spot and lead to some seriously amazing sensations. Better still, opt for a G-spot vibrator! G-spot vibrators are expertly sculpted with curved tips to reach just the right spot. The Best Sex Positions for G-Spot Stimulation Hitting the G-spot during sex is the best way to bring about an explosive, internal orgasm. Combine with a little clitoral stimulation too, and you’ll be enjoying those fabulous blended orgasms in no time. Some positions are ideal for hitting your G-spot – others require some small modifications to target the right spot. Here are some of the best sex positions for G-spot pleasure. Missionary Missionary doesn’t usually involve much G-spot stimulation, but one quick trick can change all that; simply place a couple of pillows beneath your lower back to alter the angle of penetration. With your pelvis raised slightly, your partner is in prime position to hit your G-spot and take you straight to the Big O. For another way to adapt missionary for some extra G-spot stimulation, why not try sex ‘The Lovers Lock’ position? Doggy Style Doggy style is all about deep penetration and, as your partner is entering you from behind, you can guarantee G-spot stimulation. To take doggy style to new heights, turn up the heat and have your partner use their free hand to play with your clit – you’ll be enjoying those intense blended orgasms in no time. Cowgirl Who doesn’t love cowgirl? This classic sex position allows you full control over the speed and depth of penetration, meaning you can adjust the angles to target all those sweet spots. For G-spot stimulation, simply lean backwards slightly, placing your hands on the bed or your partner's legs for support. Straddling your partner in the reverse cowgirl position before leaning backwards also allows for great G-spot targeting. Spooning Like doggy style, spooning requires your partner to penetrate from behind, so is the perfect position for a little G-spot action. As an added bonus, both of your hands are free for some external play, so why not bring a vibe into the mix for next level stimulation? Our ‘Spoon-In’ sex position offers more tricks to get the most out of this position. Locating the G-spot may seem daunting at first, but we promise you, the search is well worth it! Once you understand your body and what feels good, you’ll be well on your way to those incredible internal or blended orgasms. You can thank us later!

The Erogenous Zones for Women That’ll Drive You Wild

If you’re a fan of the TV show Friends, you’ll no doubt have seen the classic episode where Monica hands out sex advice to Chandler, enthusiastically declaring the are seven erogenous zones that are guaranteed to drive his lady wild. Seven sound like a lot? Prepare to be mind-blown – there are, in fact, way more than seven of these delightful pleasure points all over the body! Each one will whip you both up into a frenzy and result in a mind-blowing and intimate night between the sheets. So, it’s time to get up close and personal and start exploring… What are Erogenous Zones? You may be wondering, what ‘does erogenous actually mean’? Well, we all have those ‘sweet spots’, right? The parts which, when touched, simply drive us wild, an erogenous zone is an area of the skin with heightened sensitivity which does just that. When this area is touched or stimulated, it can create feelings of both relaxation and arousal, ultimately leading towards a sensual and mind-blowing orgasm. There are a number of these sensitive areas to explore. When it comes to finding your erogenous zones, it’s all about experimenting. Different people like different things, and have different levels of sensitivity, so what feels fantastic for you may not for your partner. The key to finding those areas that drive you mad is gentle touching, stroking, and a whole load of honest communication. Taking the time to really explore each other’s bodies before sex is a great way to set the mood and is extremely intimate, helping you elevate sex to another level before you’ve even really got going. The Seven Erogenous Zones of a Female There are seven female erogenous zones that are largely accepted (with a big thanks to that one Friends episode!) and each of these can make sparks fly if treated correctly. Encourage your partner to try stimulating these with their fingers, mouth, or take things up a tantalising notch by introducing a vibrator into your explorations. Ears Ears are extremely sensitive to the touch – small kisses and nibbles to the lobes are a great way to kick off your foreplay. Lips The lips and tongue are both highly sensitive erogenous zones. Your partner should begin with light kisses on and around the lips and work their way up to gentle nibbles, taking it slow and teasing before moving in for a full kiss. The tongue is buzzing with nerve endings that can sometimes make kissing feel more intimate than making love. Neck Gentle stroking up the neck and around the collarbone can truly send a tingle down your spine, while feather-light kisses will have you instantly wanting to take things to the next level. Breasts From the neck, your partner can work their way to your breasts. As we already know, the areola and nipple are seriously sensitive, so taking it slowly and communicating with your partner about what you like is key. What feels amazing for one woman may be too much for another, so explore together until you find exactly what drives you wild. Stroking, licking, sucking and some nibbling can be hot, but the degree to which you use these will very much depend on the recipient! Bum The bottom may not necessarily be a hot spot for everyone – again, communication is key. You may be into light stroking or caressing of the cheeks, or perhaps licking or nibbling. Discuss your preferences beforehand then experiment together until you find the sweet spot. Inner Thighs The skin on the inner thighs is extremely delicate, so even the lightest of touches can blow your mind. Get your partner to introduce a little stimulation to this area with strokes or delicate kisses – it’ll never fail! Vulva It should come as no surprise that one of the main erogenous zones for us ladies is the vulva, including the clitoris and vagina. However, the whole point of stimulating erogenous zones is teasing and building anticipation. This means making sure your partner takes their time when they get to the vulva, clitoris and vagina – they should be gentle, teasing with light touches, kisses or even lightly blowing around the area, and you’ll be putty in their hands! Once you’re both ready to take things up a notch, they can use their mouth or fingers (or both) to stimulate your labia, clitoris and/or the G-spot. Encourage them to take a look at our ‘How to Go Down on a Woman’ guide for some expert advice. Erogenous Zones for Men Of course, erogenous zones aren’t just for us ladies! Universal areas such as the ears, lips, neck and nipples can feel equally great for men too and give you the control to drive them wild. There are also several additional male erogenous zones you can experiment with, guaranteed heighten sensitivity and have him begging for more. Balls The scrotum is extremely sensitive so go easy – make sure not to bite or grab. Instead, use gentle sucking or stroking to take him to new heights. Perinium A second sensitive spot for your guy is the perineum – a sensitive patch of skin beneath his balls. Gently stroke or massage this area while you play with his shaft – it will lead to an unforgettable orgasm! Prostate This is one for when you’ve really got going, and definitely one to discuss together before you play. Located just inside his bum, the prostate is also referred to as the P-spot. The reason? Stimulation to this area can do for him exactly what the G-spot does for ladies, resulting in a much more intense sexual experience. The prostate can be massaged using a finger or a prostate massager – just make sure you use a lot of lube and communicate on what feels good. The Secret Erogenous Zones You’re Missing Out On While the seven erogenous zones are practically gospel at this point, they’re by no means all-encompassing. There’s a whole world of pleasure awaiting in the following lesser-known erogenous zones you may have never even considered. Behind the knee An often-ignored area, the skin behind your knee is very sensitive meaning gentle touching can send a shiver down your spine. Encouraging your partner to lightly stroke behind your knee as they make their way up to your thighs can bring a whole new element of arousal. The inner wrist Like the inner thigh, the skin on your inner wrist is incredibly delicate. A lot of tingling nerve endings plus the fact it’s not often touched means a simple stroke of the wrist can spark a whole load of sensations. This is a good one to try on your way home: when holding hands, your partner can lightly brush your inner wrist with their thumb. Trust us, you’ll be racing to the bedroom! Hair and scalp There’s a reason so many of us enjoy our hair being played with – the hair and scalp are both common erogenous zones. Your partner can lightly massage your scalp and hair to get you in the mood, introducing gentle hair pulling once things have amped up. Arm pits We all know that arm pits can be extremely ticklish, which could actually be a good thing when it comes to erogenous zones and foreplay! The sensation of being tickled teeters on the brink of sexual arousal, says relationship expert Cory Beth Honickman, so she suggests moving lightly up and down the arm pit with your fingertips before moving to circular motions – just make sure your partner is paying close attention to how you’re responding. Too much, and they can ruin the moment! Navel, stomach and ‘pubic mound’ These areas are all so sensitive that the right level of kissing and caressing will leave you weak at the knees. You’ll be begging for more and neither of you will be able to resist taking it further! Honickman also says that stroking the stomach promotes so much blood flow to this erogenous zone that you can actually stimulate a woman’s G-spot from this area. And, while the pubic mound may not sound like the sexiest of destinations, it’s actually a super hot area that’ll send electrifying sensations shooting through your body when stimulated. Bottom of your feet OK, so this might be another place that fills you with dread at the thought of tickling! The bottoms of your feet are packed full of nerve endings but, as we already know, this can be a great thing when it comes to sexual arousal. Kissing and even gentle sucking of the feet and toes can be a huge turn on for many. If you’re too ticklish, or this just simply isn’t for you, there are also a number of pressure points on the foot that can trigger arousal. A firm but sensual foot massage can be an instant turn on! Of course, as with any kind of sexual activity, the most important part of discovering which erogenous zones turn you on is honest communication, having fun with your partner, and experiencing new sensations.