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How to go down on a woman

What is Cunnilingus? Definition: Cunnilingus (also known as ‘going down on a woman’, ‘licking out’, ‘giving head’, ‘eating out’) is the act of sexually pleasuring a woman using the tongue and mouth. Commonly used both as foreplay and to bring a woman to orgasm. How to ‘go down’ in history as the best she’s ever had Performing oral sex on women can sometimes be seen as a bit of a dark art, however, mastering the right techniques could have endless pleasurable results and make you an invaluable asset in the bedroom. Yes, all women have different preferences, different moods and different tolerances for kink, but there are some common principles that will make the majority very happy indeed: Our three principles of great oral sex on a woman   1. Listen to her (the most important one!) Make sure you know what she wants, and that she feels comfortable telling you about it. Also, pay attention to how she reacts to what you’re doing. Work within her boundaries – slipping a finger in her bum when she didn’t expect (or want) it isn’t a good idea – so get some direction from her about what she likes and wants to try out.   2. Don’t treat it like a chore No man wants to feel like a woman isn’t enjoying giving a blow job and it’s the same for women. If we feel like you’re not having fun, we’re unlikely to have much fun ourselves.   3. Mix it up! There are so many ways to pleasure a woman with oral sex, and even if you’ve been getting great reviews for years, there’s probably more you can try. How to get started Make sure she’s in the mood First things first, if she doesn’t feel relaxed or feels like you don’t really want to do this, she’s not going to enjoy it. Obvious things, such as starting with some kissing, will help but also make sure she’s comfortable with the idea of oral sex. While you’re kissing, test the waters by seeing which parts of her body respond to your touch, whether it’s the outside of her thigh, her neck, her stomach, nipples and so on. You can then incorporate these areas later. Work your way up to going down There are plenty of places you can cover in order to build up the tension before moving towards her erogenous zones. Kissing, licking and gently biting her legs from the ankle up can feel incredible. Start on the inner ankle, inner calf, behind the knee then work your way up the thighs… Don’t head straight for the clit!! Once you arrive between her legs, there’s much more to do than simply lick her clitoris. If she’s turned on, every touch (and breath!) in this area has the power to make her gasp… The main event Read her reactions From heavy breathing and gentle moans to the ego-boosting ‘oh wow HOW are you doing that??’, use her reactions to decide what to keep doing and when to change things up. The longer you take to build things up, the more rewarding her orgasm is likely to be, so pay attention! Eye contact is a personal thing – much like a lot of this stuff, everyone has a preference. Watching her reactions can obviously be useful, but gauge whether she wants you to look into her eyes while you go down on her. There’s a fine line between intensely sexy… and kinda creepy. Using your tongue and mouth Remember your tongue contains eight muscles – and these help to shape it in many different ways and adapt the pressure you can use. For example, flattening your tongue to lick slowly all the way up the vulva, then pointing it to slide inside her vagina or flick quickly over the clitoris… there’s plenty you can do here. Whilst we’re talking about your mouth, let’s not forget your lips, teeth, and breath. Your lips can be used to suck her clit, or simply hold it between your lips and hum (this isn’t just a trick used in blow jobs). Teeth can be used – and we can’t emphasize this enough – GENTLY on her labia, alternating with kisses and licks to mix up the sensations. Don’t forget to use your breath! Gently exhaling your warm breath on her just before you actually touch can feel incredible, just as blowing a little cool air on her after you’ve licked her, or used some cooling lube, can make her toes curl (in a good way hopefully!). How to use your hands during oral sex Your hands can play a really important part in oral sex, whether that’s gently opening her labia to give you better access to the clitoris or sliding them (wet please! Saliva or lube are our friends) into her vagina – start with one and add more if she wants. Curling your fingers towards the front of her body means you can stimulate her G-spot too. Some – but not all (this is her decision, not yours) – women are happy with the idea of some anal play during oral sex too. This might mean a lubed-up finger, or rimming. Just remember not to put that finger back anywhere else. She won’t thank you for giving her an infection! Toys to use during oral sex Clit stims, G-spot vibrators and butt plugscan add an extra dimension to the experience. Extra vibrations or pressure that you don’t have quite enough fingers to create can take her from ‘mmm this is good’ to the neighbours raising a noise complaint. How to use lube during oral sex Yes, you have saliva in your mouth – and that’s great – but can your spit make her clit tingle, warm up, or taste like prosecco? Didn’t think so.   
Female by herself on a bed

How to have Multiple Orgasms

The multiple orgasm is the holy grail for many women. Having an orgasm is great, but feeling that pleasure coursing through your body, wave after wave, is something else. As they say, nothing good comes easily, so it takes a little more work to achieve a multiple orgasm – but, wow, is it worth it! While you might not have managed to get there yet, don’t let that dampen your desire. There’s so much you and your partner can do to bring on multiple orgasms, again and again and again… From every day vaginal exercises, to stepping up the foreplay and exploring other erogenous zones, (almost) endless orgasms really are possible. So, ladies, we won’t tease you any longer, our multiple orgasm guide will have you tipping over the edge until you just can’t take any more. WHAT IS A MULTIPLE ORGASM? Different people have different pictures when they think about what multiple orgasms are. Some class them as one orgasm after another, in quick succession. Others class them as being two or more orgasms during one period of sexual activity, so slowing things down a little in between each climax. Hey – whichever way you see it, more orgasms are always a good thing! THE DIFFERENT Os They say the best things in life are free, and orgasms could be at the top of that list. Not only do they leave you feeling on top of the world, but they also relax your body, bring on sleep and keep you and your partner connected – you can’t argue with that. While men generally have to make do with a single climax before having to reload, we women are often able to come not once, not twice, but an unlimited number of times without taking a break. That’s because we have multiple areas to stimulate and types of orgasm to have. Thank you, anatomy! Here are the two main types of orgasm you can have… CLITORAL ORGASM The clit tends to be the go-to spot to lick, rub or titillate and why wouldn’t it be? This little love button actually reaches internally around the vagina and all the way to the anus and has over 8,000 nerve endings just waiting to be set off – double those in a penis. And when they are given some love, the feeling is so good! VAGINAL ORGASM The v-orgasm is all about the G-spot – that sweet spot of sensitivity found internally. When stimulated in the right way, the resulting climax can be intense. But achieving one usually takes more practice and some internal investigation, which is fun anyway. Get V-FIT Keeping things toned is a sure-fire way to boost your chances of multiple climax. This means giving your pelvic floor, or Kegel muscles, a workout on a regular basis. Not only can this make your vaginal muscles stronger and more sensitive, increasing the intensity of your orgasms, but it will also keep you feeling tight and toned for your partner. Not sure how to do them? Follow these simple steps… 1.Find the muscles you use to stop yourself peeing (yes, we know how it sounds, but trust us here!) 2.Squeeze them in for 3 seconds then relax for 3 seconds. 3.Repeat this 10-15 times, at least 3 times a day. 4.Add one second a week until you can manage 10. If you want to spice your workout up a little bit, why not try using sex toys to do the job instead? By inserting and holding vagina-clenching toys such as our Jiggle Balls, you can get off while you get v-fit. Not to mention make those multiple orgasms easier to achieve. Check out our blog post Jiggle Balls: The key to better sex and stronger orgasms FOCUS ON FOREPLAY If you’re serious about keeping those intense waves of ecstasy coming, foreplay is not a nice-to-have – it’s a must. While orgasms are a natural process, you need arousal to fuel them. So, whether you’re pleasuring yourself or getting frisky with your partner, enjoy an intense build-up. Get those fingers, mouths and sex toys going – starting slowly then gradually building up. The key is to tease and titillate, and even bring yourself right to the edge before slowing down and starting again. The more tension and excitement you create, the more explosive your orgasms will be. Oral sex is always a good thing to have on the menu. The gentle caress of a partner’s warm, wet tongue teasing the tip of your clit is a tried and tested way to set off that pre-climax tingle. It can also help you get wet, so if you’re planning on heading for the G-spot, the extra slip and slide will feel oh so amazing. THINK ‘EYE OF THE STORM’ If you’re after those multiple pleasure waves, it’s not simply about keeping going. With the heightened sensitivity immediately following each orgasm, pulling back briefly can help to minimize discomfort and give you a chance to enjoy more of them. During this pull-back period, direct your own or your partner’s attention away from that area and focus on some sensual, gentler kissing and caressing instead. But, a word of warning – don’t pull back from intimate contact for long or the moment may be lost. GET IN THE MINDSET The more you want orgasms to happen, the less likely it is that they will. So, try not to focus solely on the end-goal. Instead, let yourself get lost in the moment. Enjoy every little sensation and quit beating yourself up mentally if you’re not getting there quick enough. To achieve the best orgasms of your life, you need to relax and let physical arousal take over – after all, the journey can be just as fun as the end destination. We’re not saying your mind should be totally distraction-free. Fantasising and talking dirty to your partner can really help fire things up and get you set for a mind-blowing orgasm. And don’t forget to keep the eye contact going. Being open and vulnerable can lead to deeper orgasmic experiences for both of you. TOP TIPS TO CLIMAX Okay, so you’re engaging in lots of foreplay, giving yourself time to breathe and feeling ready both in your mind and body, but you’re still not experiencing the multiple orgasms you know your body can deliver. So, what else can you try? Stay cool (well, hot!) – there are plenty of other ways to up your chances of climax… 1.Use lube for added ooohh – applying lube is a must. It not only increases the slip and slide of every move, but lube also increases sensitivity and heightens arousal. Try a sensation lube like Heat Wave or Cool Tingle and discover a whole new world of intense orgasms. 2.Stimulate other erogenous zones – this could mean something as innocent – but erotic – as tickling, kissing and touching the neck, nipple or around the ear. Or it can mean trying something a little more forbidden – hello, anal play… 3.Switch up your positions – if you always stick to one or two positions, you might find a whole new level of orgasmic satisfaction simply by trying something new. Check out our Sex Positions for inspiration.  TOYS TO GET YOU THERE To keep your arousal levels high and those orgasms coming, nothing beats some playtime with a sex toy or two. Our Vibrator category includes a variety of advanced vibrators with added Climax Technology. Developed by our experts, they can help tip you deliriously over the edge. Stay cool (well, hot!) – there are plenty of other ways to up your chances of climax… Ps. It’s not just vibrators that can get you there. If you’re up for some backdoor play, butt plug climaxes are incredibly intense. MULTIPLE ORGASMS AREN’T A MYTH They’re just a hot sexual encounter or two away. So, if you’re revelling in ecstasy after trying out what you’ve just read, keep trying and they’ll come.

How to Masturbate: The Women’s Guide to Solo Play

Do women masturbate? Of course we do! In recent years, female masturbation has moved into the forefront of our conversations, no longer a subject consigned to the privacy of our own bedrooms. And why not? For us women, masturbation is a perfectly normal and seriously fun activity, helping us learn more about our bodies and improve our wellbeing in the process. It’s a common fact that, not only is it a great way to release sexual tension and be more in tune with your body, but masturbating is also a stress reliver that can ultimately boost your mood. Time to embrace it, wouldn’t you agree? Here’s our guide to female masturbation.   What is Masturbation? First things first, masturbation can be many different things. We might all think that the main aim is to self-pleasure to the point of climax, but masturbation can be totally different to different people. As women, we’re lucky to have several erogenous zones and ways to make ourselves feel good.   Masturbation Techniques for Women As we all should know, our bodies are a treasure trove of potentially amazing feelings –we just need to know where to look! Here are a few techniques to get you started when look for those sweet spots… happy hunting!   Clitoral Stimulation Clitoral masturbation is possibly the first thing you think of when masturbation springs to mind – and that’s because many women require clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm. There are so many ways to stimulate the clitoris and everyone is completely different when it comes to what works for them. That means there’s no right or wrong way to do it, it’s all down to figuring out what works for you and what feels good… but that’s half the fun, right?   How to Masturbate: Stimulating the Clitoris Ok, so we just said there’s no ‘right’ way to do it and that still stands. However, here are a few tips you might want to try to get you started… Start by indirectly rubbing around the clitoral area in circular motions, building up the pressure and speed slowly as the pleasure intensifies. Teasing your body is so important – the longer you deny yourself direct stimulation, the more mind-blowing it will feel when you finally touch your clit. When you simply can’t take any more, spread your lips apart with two fingers so your clit is exposed. Take your finger from your other hand and begin by stroking your clit up and down slowly. And remember to play with positions to find what works best for you. Some women adore lightly stroking the sides of the clit, others prefer directly rubbing the tip with one or two fingers in circular motions. One thing’s certain: as you’re getting closer to climaxing, you’ll need to increase the speed. Need a little help? Consider introducing an egg vibrator into the mix. Our vibrator are ideal for beginners. Why? Because the small size makes them a targeting tool for the clit.  Suggested Position: The Fumbling Stranger This position is great for access to the clitoris and all the pleasure that comes with it. Work up your vagina from bottom to top, before landing on the clitoris. Mix things up by experimenting with gentle upwards movements.   Hitting the G Spot Never had a G-spot orgasm? Don’t worry – we’re here to explore! Masturbation is the perfect time to try and find that sweet spot, meaning you’ll be able to provide your partner with a little more guidance when it comes to sex. G-spot stimulation might require some assistance from a dildo or vibrator, or fingers might do the job perfectly. Once again, it’s up to you! How to Masturbate: Finding the G-Spot Use both your hands and begin the quest for the G-spot. It can be tricky to find, so don’t feel disheartened if you can’t hit the right spot at the start. If you need pointing in the right direction, it’s located on the front wall of the vagina, one to two inches inside. The G-spot is made of tissue that swells when it becomes aroused, so get yourself in the mood first by exploring other areas of the body – both because it’s fun but it’ll also make finding it easier. Insert one or more fingers, depending on comfort and curl your fingers towards your belly button. You’re looking for a walnut-sized area of tissue that is different in texture to the tissue around it – and lube can help you feel that difference. Once you’ve found it, use those fingers in a ‘come hither’ movement, increasing the pressure to your liking. And if you fancy a helping hand, many of our Dildo and Vibrators are shaped to hit this spot. Want to double the pleasure? Adding some clitoral stimulation alongside G-spot penetration might just push you completely over the edge. Trust us: dual-stimulation is often the secret to achieving out-of-this world blended orgasms. Need a helping hand? Our selection of Double-headed Vibrating Stick should do the trick. Suggested Position: The Sleep Away Camp This position has you sat slightly elevated, with either a pillow or on the floor with your back against the bed or sofa. From this position you’ll be able to reach around and use your fingers or a toy to penetrate and seek out that G-spot.   Anal Play Anal play isn’t just for sex, it can be a great added sensation when masturbating and a handy way to start exploring all things anal within your own limits. It can be a little tricky to reach round that way, so consider involving a beginner’s toy in your solo anal play.  If you and a partner have been discussing anal, or you’ve just always been curious, playing solo will allow you to take things at your own pace and start to figure out what you really like. Just make sure you use plenty of lube and stop if you feel any sort of pain. Lube isn’t just reserved for sex and can be your best friend here! How to Masturbate: Anal Play Anal play is all about relaxation, so make sure you’re sitting comfortably. Lying on your back with a pillow under your hips is a great place to start. Make sure you liberally apply plenty of lube before you start playing. It’s a good idea to get used to the sensations by rubbing your finger around the anal area, before gently slipping one inside. Once you build your confidence, you can add another finger, and another, and… you get the idea. Toys such as butt plug  can be great to bring into your play at this point. Just remember to start off small and apply that lube liberally! Suggested Position: The Long Way Around This position sees you laying on your front, able to reach around for anal play. In order to make it as comfortable as possible, you might consider elevating your bum, either by putting a pillow underneath your hips or moving onto your knees slightly.   Don’t Forget Those Nipples The nipples are an area full of nerve endings and can heighten pleasure to new levels. When you’re looking to achieve a blended orgasm, playing with your nipples is a must. The sensations from your nipples travel to the same areas of your brain as sensations from your vagina and clitoris – so it’s all linked. How to Masturbate: Nipple Play Experiment with different technique and varying amounts of pressure here – mixing it up is key. From a firm tweak to a light stroke, keep your body guessing and those sensations will keep your toes curling. You can also consider warming or cooling lubes for use here to add another element. If you really want to step it up, consider using our Licking&suction vibrator. These types of toys are often enjoyed as part of sex, but masturbation offers the perfect opportunity to test them out and see how you like them. Suggested Position: Room with a View Changing things up and getting on your knees makes access to your nipples nice and easy with this position. Whilst one hand can provide clitoral or G-spot stimulation, the other is free for nipple play that’ll elevate things to a whole new level.   A Little Extra Goes a Long Way… Get Moving Masturbation can turn into a real work out, so don’t feel like you have to sit still either. Try raising your pelvis, pressing your thighs together or even rocking back and forth. Get creative and try experimenting with speed, angle and pressure – there are so many techniques and positions to try. Fingers and toys are great ways to delight those nerve-endings, but they’re not the only options. Try indirect contact, such as grinding against a surface, leaving your hands free. Lube Up Lubricant isn’t designed just to combat dryness down there or for anal play. It’s a massively underrated product that can literally heat up any solo session. So, extra lubrication is never a bad thing. In fact, it can increase your comfort, libido and pleasure. Take a pea-sized amount of one of our lubes, perhaps a stimulating or warming lube to heighten sensitivity, and slowly massage it on your clit and labia. The sensations will spread throughout your body and add an extra, satisfying tingle. Mix It Up When we put your questions about orgasms to our sex expert, Jodie Slee, one of the common themes was around whether masturbating the same way every time is a problem. Whilst it isn’t a problem if you’re happy with it, Jodie recommends mixing it up: “mix things up to build up the number of ways you can please yourself. Being patient and enjoying it is the key – the orgasm doesn’t have to be the only goal!”  Remember, you don’t have to orgasm every single time. Masturbation in its entirety is supposed to be an incredible experience. It’s not all about that explosive ending! Just focus on taking that time to yourself to relax and enjoy your own body.